What Your Baby Needs From You in his First Two Years

Here’s a unique series of pictographs which depict the all-important needs of children as they grow from birth into the teens. These features are based on scientific studies and research.

what your baby needs at 2 years old
new born baby care
baby needs to be carried
Baby needs mothering­,
being held and caressed,
especially at feeding time.
New baby needs
several hours of
sucking a day.
He needs to be carried
often to develop his sense
of balance and his feeling
of security.


Giving the baby prompt
attention when he cries
develops his sense of
safety and trust.
Singing, rocking, patting
or holding your baby
when he is wakeful
helps him sleep.
A room of his own is
important for baby’s quiet
and comfort and your
own privacy.


Needs frequent, open
display of affection,
since he learns to love
by being loved.
Let him feed himself
when he shows interest,
even though he
makes a mess.
Be sure your baby has
room and opportunity
for free movement
and exploration.


Companionship and play
with parents are important
to any baby.
His first playthings should
be ones that satisfy his
need to handle, bang,
suck, throw.
Needs matter of fact
parental attitudes.
Show no disgust
at elimination.


With a little help a child
toilet trains your kid
when he is ready.
Needs practice in talking
and listening, to develop
his ability to communicate.
Needs to have his
parents realize that
he is not a little adult.


A child needs to grow at
his own pace and be
appreciated, not pushed.
Needs a relaxed, respon-
sive mother who plans
rest and recreation for herself and her baby.
A cooperative, harmonious
home atmosphere is
important; tensions
distress a baby.


Needs to be given as much
freedom as is sensible,
not hedged in with don’ts.
By asserting himself,
he gains the sense of
being an individual.
He also needs to feel
that he is a member
of a family group.


Among his needs are toys
and materials he can master,
not ones he can’t manage.
A child needs to be able
and also encouraged to
display love for others.
He needs to consider all
parts of his body as
clean and acceptable.


The young child needs
to climb, run, pull, and
be physically active.
He needs to play
freely and be
allowed to get dirty.


NEXT, when he/she  is 3 years old ….

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