Trial SPM MRSM Year 2014

Soalan Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM (dikenali Sijil Pendidikan SPM) MRSM Tahun 2014 (w/Skema)

Bahasa Malayu Kertas 1,2     Link
English Paper 1,2 SPM    Link

Sejarah Kertas 1    Link
Sejarah Kertas 2,3     Link

Science Paper 1, 2    Link

Mathematics Paper 1     Link
Mathematics Paper 2     Link

Additional Mathematics Paper 1,2   Link

Math is Everywhere in Your Life! 

You may be asking yourself, “How is math everywhere in my life? I’m not an engineer or an accountant or a computer expert!” Math is in your life from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep. You are employing math every time you set your alarm, purchase groceries, mix your baby food, keep score or time for an athletic event, make a decision as to what kind of shoe to purchase, put wallpaper to an area, or wrap a gift.

“Do I have enough petrol to drive 50 kilometers?” or “Do I have enough foods to fill all my children’s lunch box?” or “Do I have enough bread for the week?”

Mathematics is all this and much more.

Your feelings are going to have a direct effect on the way you view maths and mathematicians.

* Do you believe anyone can learn math?

* Do you think that most jobs now require math abilities?

Here are a few tips to consider in case you are feeling uneasy about math.

Mathematics is an essential ability, one which we all need to survive in this technological world. It’s important that you support your children to think of themselves as not mathematically phobia and are able to use mathematics to reason, to rational and to solve problems.

Mathematics is a region for all individuals. Mathematics isn’t a subject that women cannot do better than men. Males and females have equally strong potential in math.


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