Soalan Percubaan SPM 2014 Negeri Sembilan

SPM 2014 Negeri Sembilan State Level Trial  Examination Papers.

N9 is one of the few states which have  state level coordinated SPM examination papers for year 2014.  Schemas are not complete.  Will update it when available.

Bahasa Malayu Kertas 1,2       Download
English Paper 1,2 SPM      Download

Sejarah Kertas 1, 2    Download
Sejarah Kertas 3    Download

Science Paper 1, 2    Download

Geografi Kertas 1    Download

Mathematics Paper 1, 2    Download

Physics Paper 1,2,3   Download

Chemistry Paper 1   Download
Chemistry Paper 2, 3   Download

Prinsip Perakaunan Kertas 1,2   Download

Perdagangan Kertas 1, 2   Download

Tasawwur Islam 1, 2   Download



Math is Everywhere in Your Life (II)! 

Math is needed by people in the fine arts area. They need math not only to survive in this world, but each of their areas of specialty demands much more than only a superficial understanding of maths, from something as clear as the measurement of a canvas, to the beats in music, to how many seats in an audience, to computer-assisted artwork.

Computers and calculators need us to be equally strong in math. A calculator is only as accurate as the person key in the numbers. It can compute; no way it can think! Therefore, we must be the thinkers. We must know what answers are reasonable and what answers are not sensible. This is especially important for science subjects taught in school.

Positive and right attitudes about math are very important to our nation. People are quick to admit, “I’m bad at math.” We must change this attitude, because the strength of mathematical command of its people are an important asset of a nation.

Our workplace is fast changing. No longer do people need only the mathematical skill once needed back in the 1980s. Now workers need to be able to estimate, to reason within a mathematical context. Because our world is so technologically oriented, employees need to have strong reasoning abilities and excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. Our work force need to have strong confident in maths.

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