Soalan PAT Tingkatan 4 MRSM 2012

Malaysia’s TIMSS typical student score was higher compared to the international average in both Mathematics and Science when we first participated in it in 1999.  But by 2007, the last published cycle of results, the result had fell to below the international average in both Mathematics and Science with a commensurate fall in position. 18% and 20% of the pupils in Malaysia failed to meet the minimum competence levels in Mathematics and Science respectively (2007), a two to fourfold increase from the previous 5% and 7%. These students were identified as possessing just limited mastery of fundamental mathematical and scientific theories.

Soalan Peperiksaan Akhir Tahun Tingkatan 4 Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Tahun  2012 (Year End Examination Question Year 2012 from MRSM)

Bahasa Melayu  1, 2    

Bahasa Inggeris  1, 2 

Biology  1, 2, 3

Chemistry  1, 2, 3

Physics  1 

Physics  2 

Sejarah  1, 3

Mathematics  1, 2

Additional Mathematics  1, 2 

Pendidikan Islam  1, 2

Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan

Reka Cipta 1

The results from PISA year 2009 (the first time Malaysia participated in this appraisal) were also discouraging, with Malaysia standing in the bottom third of 74 participating countries, below the international and OECD average. Nearly 60% of the 15-year old Malaysian pupils who participated in PISA failed to match the minimum competence level in Mathematics, while 44% and 43% did not meet the minimum ability levels in Reading and Science respectively. A difference of 38 points on the PISA scale is equavalent to one year of schooling. For that said comes a hard fact : A 15-year-olds in South Korea, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong are performing as though they have had 3 or more years of schooling than a 15-year-olds in Malaysia.


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