Sin Chew Daily Education Fund 2019

16 th Sin Chew Daily Education Fund (Opens on 03 Feb 2019). Click Here
13 th Sin Chew Daily Education Fund (Opens on 15 Jan 2016)

Over 15.02 million worth of scholarship, covering  a total of about 343 courses.

Application deadline:
a) For Online Registration: 12 March 2016
b) For Posting Application Form: 16 March 2016

Applicant’s requirements :

1. The applicant must be a Malaysian citizen below 26 years of age as at 1st January 2016, or born after 1st January 1991.

2. Applicants must possess good results in SPM/A-Level/ STPM/ UEC or other equivalent qualifications and active in sports and extra-curricular activities.

3. Trial Examination results cannot be use to apply for the scholarship award. Each person is only entitled to one application.  (Different from last year where you can summit multiple applications).

4. You must not be bonded or in receipt of any financial aid or rewards from other educational organisations or institutions.

5. Applicants must produce original copies of the examination results and all other relevant documents during the interview.

6. Applicants must meet the minimum requirement set by the Colleges/ Universities. Different Colleges/ Universities/ courses require different entry qualification. You are advised to do a detail research for the specific college/ universitiy you applied. Carefulness rewards!


Click here for Tips to Apply For Education Funds :    Page I      Page II

IF the above link no longer available, click mirror link here.    LINK 7 (2016)    LINK 6 (2015)     LINK 5 (2014)     LINK 4 (2013)    LINK 3 (2012)   LINK 2 (2011)    LINK 1 (2011)

Follow the steps below to get your application form :

1. Register as a member (if you haven’t) in Sin Chew Daily Education Fund online registration. Click the picture below.

sinchew education fund 2013

2. Upon successful registration, log in to the online application page. Log in here.

3. After completing all details, print out the online application form (19 pages), and sign on it.

4. Next (important),  you need to attach together other relevant documents, (click picture below) and post to the address below.

sinchew education fund 2016

Sin Chew Daily Education Fund
Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad (Corporate Communications & Promotion Dept.)
19 Jln Semangat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Wish you best of luck.



Application to IPTA opens on 19 Jan 2015 12.00 pm

Other Scholarships and Loans for year 2016

The Star Education Fund: Scholarship Awards 2016

      Open : now.    Info : Star Education Fund 2016

      Close : 18 March 2016 (2 weeks after the release of SPM or STPM results).


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  1. Hi,
    I wanted to know when will I know that I have successfully selected to go to interview? Like how many days it will normally send notification to my email address after applying the scholarships. I applied The Star and Nan Yang on 28th March and Sin Chew on 31 March.
    I received the offer letter from the college and had paid the full fee of the first semester. In that case, can I still get the call/ sms/ email from the scholarship committee for an interview ? And if I succeed in the interview, does the scholarship only pay for the second-semester course fee and so forth? Or the first semester ?
    Since I applied those scholarships, I haven’t get any notification through sms/call/ email either.
    I ask the following questions because the fees waiver of those scholarships offer covers full tuition fees, registration fees and orientation fees for diploma/ degree.
    Btw, I’m spm 2013 holder.

    Q 1 & 3 has been answered. Q 2 : concerning the paid 1st semester fee, you have to check the institution’s specific terms of agreement for the award.

  2. I forget to attach the relevant document. Can I send it again through post because I have send my application form.

    resent application form + documents

  3. hi, i really don’t know what should i do after spm and i haven’t decide it. Can i apply the scholarship first?

    No. You must see your school counsellor or other advisor and work out what you really want first.

  4. Wanna ask if i have to apply for admission to the respective institution myself before submitting sinchew application form? The application fee for HELP uni is quite pricey anyway. Btw is the stars scholarship also the same as sinchew?

  5. Hai I wanna ask that after filling up the online form ,I have printed out the 16 pages of form as requested . Then I filled up the 16 pages of form again . Is that okay?

    when u print it, it is filled with info you have key-in, you sign & summit with other documents

  6. May i know whether this scholarship is available for overseas university at UK like Liverpool John Morees University.

    currently all scholarships are for courses in local campuses only.

  7. i cant receive the activation email from sinchew, i tried resend activation email, and i typed in my email click submit :Error occurred during sending you the activation email, Please try again.
    always come out this

    1. use completely different browser. such as Opera 12, Maxthon 3, Avant, Sea Monkey or Apple Safari and do again.
    2. check your spam folder

  8. Do i need to apply for the university that i wish to study before i submit the scholarship form?

    • each Sin Chew education fund scholarship are for a specific course only. you apply the scholarship to take up that specific course offered by a specific institution. Scholarship success then a placing for you, other wise you pay to study, like any other students. A lot of students fail in the interview because they themselves don’t know what they want.

    • Oic. Thx for ur ans.
      Then i have some problems in submitting the salary slip since my father is a fisherman and he does not have his own company.
      Then what i need to submit??

      does your father pay income tax? submit tax assesment

  9. hello, may i ask why i haven’t received the confirmation email to activate my account? I already check my email many times but i still haven’t received it.

    check your spam folder

  10. I am now studying in Foundation last semester. Do I still qualified to apply for this scholarship for my Degree program?
    Does the scholarship only applicable to certain colleges and universities as available in the page itself?

  11. I had registered as a member in Sin Chew Daily education fund on 17.1.2014.

    However, I was unable to sign in as my IC has been registered.

    Pls assist.

    Thanks & regards


    You need to speak directly to the person in charge : call 03-79658888 and request to speak to officer in charge of education fund.

  12. Hello i’m a stpm leaver. May i know when is the application due date for sinchew scholarship 2014? And is it ok if i send no parents’ salary slip together with the other documents cuz my dad is ady a retiree and my mom is always a housewife. Waiting fo your reply,thanks.

    Due date (early April) is 2 weeks after release of SPM result. Better to sent your dad’s last salary slip and state the present monthly retirement income.
    The principal to follow is : For application of private scholarship, you tell as frank and as honest as possible. There are other factors. you seems did not read through many info found in this website.

  13. Erm excuse me?Is it impossible to apply for scholarship for the course of the bachelor of pharmacy in Taylor’s University using my SPM result?By the way i am only going to get my SPM results this March 2013.At the same time i am having my 1st sem in foundation in science already.Is it possible for me to apply for the course?Thanks.

  14. Hi, I am a just finished my SPM 2013. So, if i applied for both scholarship which is STAR Education Fund and Sin Chew Fund does it okay?

  15. Hey there, Admin! I’m wondering if I can pursue my A-levels through this scholarship. I’m a little bit confused as the participating universities and colleges seem to only offer scholarships in pursuing diploma, etc. So, can I pursue my A-levels by applying for this?

    No, SC Education Fund does not cater for A-Levels

  16. Wonderful, what a web site it is! This webpage provides valuable data to us, keep it up.|

  17. Hey Admin!(months ago I visited this website and asked some questions.. if you still remember x) )

    just wanna inform u that I got the scholarship! I’m officially a scholar under the star education fund now.

    again, thanks for all the tips given. :)

  18. Hye! I got a message from 63633 stated:
    RM0.00: Congratulation on your excellent academic result, pls sms Jo, 0172087240 on the scholarship for you in UCSI Uni b4, 17 May 2013.

    Then, I sms her but she do not reply anything to me. I even call her but she do not answer the call.
    Is this the Sin Chew Education Fund that I apply for UCSI University?

    • Call Tel: +603 9101 8880, +603 9131 5700 of UCSI University Trust and request to talk to Scholarships Bursary. You must make sure whether you are offered full or partial tuition fee waiver.

  19. Hi! I apply Sin Chew Education Fund for UCSI university Trust. I had attend the interview for the scholarship. If I do well in the interview, may I know when I will get the scholarship or receive the call/email?

  20. Hi! I apply Sin Chew Daily Education Fund for UCSI University Trust. I had call for an interview in UCSI. I attend it. Can I know when Sin Chew Daily Education Fund offer me the scholarship? When can I know that I get the scholarship successfully?

    • If your performance in the interview is not good, you will not get the scholarship. Otherwise you will received another call/email.

  21. Hye! I got message from 66633 stated:
    RM0.00 Hi Sin Chew Daily Edu Fund applicant.
    Taylor’s Bursary Commitee is very pleased to invite u for a S/Ship interview.
    Pls check ur email for details.TQ!

    Then, I checked my email, but did not receive any mail related to the scholarship. So can you pls help me?

  22. I already get call from sinchew scholarship that I apply from unversity.This mean I already get scholarship?

  23. i had just graduate my SPM at SMK Malim and my results was 10A. I’d just now know this scholarship through internet, can i still apply this scholarship?

  24. i’m a SPM leaver. May i know which course can i apply? i mean i can only apply for foundation/diploma courses or i also can apply for those Bachelor degree programmes? Because as far as i know there wasn’t many foundation/diploma courses for me to apply.

  25. Hi..i am applying Sin Chew daily education fund for UCSI Universtiy Trust..Can I know when I will know Sin chew offer me the scholarship or not? Because UCSI intake is at May..but if I can’t get UCSI scholarship I have to study at other university since I can’t effort UCSI tuition fees..the university intake is at 8th April..So I have to register before 8th April if Sin Chew rejected..

    • Many students summit multiple applications to increase their chances. Read info above. You only want UCSI? You will be contacted by email and/or phone if you are qualify for the interview or you can check with UCSI directly.

    • I applied The Sun,The Star and Sin chew for UCSI..When I will know I qualify or not? Since 8th April is other school intake..If both of the scholarship is rejected..I have to register that school..=( How to check with UCSI directly?I can check whether I am qualify or not at UCSI??

    • Phone them to check. you can check first whether you are qualify to attend their interview session, not the scholarship yet.

    • Of course, do you board the aeroplane first then only buy the ticket? Nowhere in the world some one will approve your scholarship before interviewing you. Interview pass then only you are in the list of POSSIBLE RECIPIENT of the scholarship. If no interview, you are 100% out.
      Typically, for this type of interview, you are sitting in front of a team of 3 or 4 persons, they give marks on every aspect of you and WILL ask any question. Be prepared.

  26. im 2012 stpm leaver, may i know when will be the result of the scholarship released?

  27. Hi. I would like to ask if I can apply for the scholarship even if I have not admit into the university?

  28. Hi, may I ask, do we need to submit our co-curricular certificates or a list of our co-curricular activities or both?

    • When you apply for Scholarship or any fund, you summit certify photocopies of your BEST achievements. No need too many, just 10 – 15 of your best will do.

  29. Hello there, thanks for the informative post.
    I would like to ask, can I apply for more than one colleges? Does that means I have to resubmit a fresh application form?

    Hoping to get a reply soon. Thanks a lot!

    Yong Lin

    • Thanks for the prompt reply admin!
      I will submit a new fresh application forms, but what about those documents which needed to be certified by the school headmaster? For the fresh one can I directly photocopy the original certified documents? Or else it’ll be really troublesome for the headmaster to ‘chop’ on so many documents…. :) Hope to see your reply soon. Thank you! The closing date is on 3/4/2013, I think I’ll use Pos Laju.. just in case..

    • No worry. I see some people bring in 100+ of photocopy certificates. The school office boy will help you to stamp, or you can self service. In this season, HM and PK certifies thousands of certificates, it’s not a problem to them. You cannot sent in photocopy of certified photocopy documents.
      Thanks for your note. Read this also.

    • Thank you very much Admin,
      LOL it’ll be kinda awkward and funny if the HM need to stamp all the papers (like 100++) himself. By the way thanks for sharing the tips’ link for me! :)

    • Thanks a lot admin!
      I’ve just got all my certs and stuffs certified by my school PK this morning.. 😀

      By the way, I just finished writing the scholarship application reason / statement, can I type and print it out instead of re-writing it for another fresh application form? The sin chew & the star website wrote “The Application Form should be printed out OR be written legibly”. O.o What does this means? I really need an answer ASAP.. ><

    • If not specifically required written legibly (readable hand writing), you can print the same copy for every institution you apply.

  30. i would like to ask, is it ok if the parents’ salary slips, electrictiy and water bills are certified by secondary school principal?

    [ OK ]

  31. May I know how to register as a member in Sin Chew Daily Education Fund? When i click the link provided, they transferred me to the official website.

  32. I clicked into Click Here For Complete Details but the link no longer works. Nor is there a mirror link. Can you please update the link as I am really interested in this scholarship. Thank you.

    • Hi Lawrence,

      I applied UCSI university trust. I have been shortlisted to attend the interview. The interviewer will be USCI university staffs? Using English??

  33. Hi, I had applied for this scholarship. However, I doesn’t know when and which website that we can know whether we had been accepted or not?

    • You will be notify by email and/or phone if you are shortlisted for the interview. Alternately, you can follow up with the specific higher institution you applied to know the status of your application.

  34. To whom may concern,

    Can i know where should i apply for this scholarship? and my SPM result is 7 A.

    Please advice.

    Thank you.

    Phoebe Loo

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