Scholarships and Loans 2014

Scholarships and Loans for post SPM, STPM  students  (Biasiswa Pembelajaran untuk Pelajar Lepasan SPM dan STPM) 
updated 22 March 2014

1.   Sin Chew Daily Education Fund 2014     closing date :  3 Apr 2014

2.  The Star Education Fund 2014     closing date :  4 Apr 2014
Tips to apply Star Education Fund 

3a.   TNB Scholarship 2014   closing date :  27 Mar 2014

3b.  TNB Loans 2014   closing date :  3 Apr 2014

4.   JPA Overseas Scholarship for engineering programme to Japan, South Korea, German and France
Open : 20 Mar 2014        closing date :  27 Mar 2014       

5.   Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship Programme 2014 / 2015 Nurturing Excellent Talents  closing date :  27 Mar 2014

6.   Singapore Scholarship to study in Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore,  Singapore Management University.   closing date :  4 Apr 2014

7.  Yayasan Khazanah Scholarship     closing date :  30 March 2014     

Khazanah Cambridge Scholarship Programme – Postgraduate
Khazanah Cambridge Scholarship Programme – Undergraduate
Khazanah Global Scholarship Pogramme – Postgraduate
Khazanah Global Scholarship Programme – Undergraduate
Khazanah Watan Scholarship Programme – Postgraduate
Khazanah Watan Scholarship Programme – Undergraduate

8.  Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship (BTAR)     closing date :  31 March 2014

9.   Maybank Scholarship Award   mirror page  closing date :  31 March 2014

10.   Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Studies  Scholarship   closing date :  18 Apr 2014

11.   IJM Scholarship Award 2014    closing date :  30 Apr 2014



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  1. Hi. For 2014 SPM candidates, the date for applying any fund is on which months? Or we have to apply after the results out?

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  3. My SPM result only…

    BM : A-
    BI : B+
    SEJ : A
    M3 : A
    PM : B+
    BIO : C+
    FIZ : C
    CHE : C
    MT : C
    English for Science and Technology : B
    KadazanDusun Language : d

    With this result, can I get any scholarship?
    here, I want to ask which scholarship is the best for this type of result.. :'(

  4. MY SPM’S RESULT. :'(

    BM : A+
    BI : A-
    AG : A
    SEJ : A-
    M3 : A
    MT : C
    FIZ : B
    CHE : D
    BIO : B+

    In my spm , Can I get Any Scholarship . :’)

    depends on which scholarship you apply

  5. bm A
    bi C+
    pi A-
    sj A
    mm D
    sc A
    mt E
    pa A-
    add sc A-

    this is what i got. can i get any scholarship ?

    it depends on what course you are applying.

    • It is hard to get scholarships if you did not get A+/A/A- in English… Most of the courses offered need English… So basically, English is an essential subject to score at least A-…

  6. hye..i got

    BM A-
    BI C+
    PI A
    SEJ B+
    MM A+
    MT B+
    PA A-
    KIM C
    BIO C+

    in SPM 2013

    can i get any scholarships?
    ermm :(

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