Permohonan ke Tingkatan 1, 4 Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Tahun 2019

A.  Permohonan ke Tingkatan 1 Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Tahun 2019

Permohonan boleh dibuat secara online mulai 27 Ogos – 30 September 2018.

Semakan dan e-Rayuan ke SBP Tingkatan 1 Tahun 2019

Teliti maklumat panduan permohonan penting dahulu sebelum memohon. Klik di SINI.  .)

.Let Other People Know That You Care 

Among the ways it is possible to be more inspired and feel terrific about yourself on a daily basis would be to let people understand that you care. Similar to the small things in life which you like so much it’s the small affairs you may do to make others feel fantastic also. You don’t need to get credit for all these things.

 You may contemplate sending token things to family and friends like cards and blossoms. Anyone you care about you need to always tell them that you care. You don’t need to get things and spend cash. In the event you don’t have cash to spend there are several other methods to do nice things for folks. These matters might contain something straightforward like pouring the people around you a cup of coffee, washing their automobile, or anything else.

 You always need to let folks understand that you care and you value them. There are several ways that you can let folks understand that you care and you don’t need to pay cash either.

Laughing is healthy for the body as well as your spirit. Once you learn some amusing jokes or you also start to observe the humorous side of life you need to share this with friends and family as well as folks you’re around. A sense of humour will work for you and it’s healthy for other folks also. The power to get folks laugh is a great thing and if you’re effective at making folks laugh use this ability. This is beneficial for the individuals you’re making joke as you’re lifting their spirits also it’s going to feel great to you personally also.


B.  Permohonan ke Tingkatan 4 Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Tahun 2019

Permohonan boleh dibuat secara online mulai 10 September 2018 (Tentatif)

Semakan dan Rayuan Kemasukan ke SBP Tingkatan 4 Tahun 2018

Teliti maklumat panduan permohonan dahulu dan buat persediaan rapi dahulu.

5 Aliran yang ditawarkan untuk SBP Ting. 4,
Pakej Mata pelajaran  T4 – 5


***    Sebarang soalan sila kemukakan ke email ini :
(nyatakan masalah yang dihadapi dan sertakan  1. Nama penuh pemohon  2. No. KP pemohon  3. No. KP bapa  4. No. KP ibu)

Maklumat lain :

Baca pengalaman permohonan ke SBP dari pemohon-pemohon lain.

Permohonan Ke Tingkatan Satu MRSM Tahun 2019.


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