SAPS – Now Parents Can Check Their Childrens’ School Examination Results Online

Parents Can Check Their Childrens’ School Examination Results Online – Thanks to SAPS NKRA. (Semakan Keputusan Peperiksaan Pelajar oleh Ibu Bapa Secara Online.)
SAPS NKRA.   Good news to all parents,  now you can check your childrens’ school examination results online. The rare incident where school children modify marks on their report cards before surrender to their parents will not occur again.  The following results are accessible from this system.

Primary School : Standard 3, 4, 5, and 6. You can check results for test 1, test 2, mid year examiation, year end examination and UPSR trial examination results.

Secondary school : Remove classes (Kelas peralihan), Form 2, 3, 4 and 5.  You can check results for test 1, test 2, mid year examiation, year end examination and trial examination results depending on which form your children are in.

At this moment, SAPS CANNOT be use to check ACTUAL UPSR, PT3, SPM and STPM results. There are specific links provided to check these results.

NOW you can check actual UPSR, SPM, STPM results online. Click here to check.

Steps :

1.  Click this link to go to SAPS NKRA.  No log in required.  You reach this screen :


2.  (a)  Enter your boy/girl’s Identity Card or birth certificate number.

(b)  Click the radio button to select ‘sekolah rendah’ or ‘sekolah menengah’ (primary or secondary school)

(c)  From — ‘Pilih Tahun’ — ,  Choose which year’s result you want to see.

Then click  ‘Semak Laporan’.

3.  Next, you can choose which result you want to see :



4.  Supposing we choose ‘peperiksaan percubaan SPM’ (SPM Trial Examination)

(a) click ‘papar slip keputusan’ enables you to see result slip of the Trial Examination. SEE EXAMPLE A

(b) Click ‘papar markah peperiksaan’ enables you to see marks for every test held during that year.  SEE EXAMPLE B




BAHASA MELAYU [MA] = Bahasa Melayu Menengah Atas  (upper secondary)

BAHASA MELAYU [MR] = Bahasa Melayu Menengah Rendah  (lower secondary)

SAPS System needs the [MA] and [MR] codes to differentiate between similar subject names for upper and lower secondary. For example, Additional Mathematics is only for upper secondary, neither [MA] or [MR] code is needed.

Malaysia UPSR, PT3, SPM, STPM Grading System

More Examples of UPSR Marks and Grades

More Examples of PT3 Marks and Grades
More Examples of SPM Marks and Grades

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Comments: 48

  1. My son 041129070511 and able to retrieve previous 2 years records (2015, 2016) without problem but this year’s result doesn’t show.

  2. What happen to the server? Can’t log in to SAPSNKRA.MOE.GOV.MY.

    just occasional maintenance. do come back later.

  3. What happen to the server, I’m not able to log it as it show server stop responding. I need to know my kids result

    occasional downtime only. try later should be ok.

  4. what happen to the server system , its really lagging and not responding in this few week .
    pls check on it , we as parents want to check result also problem ,

  5. I noticed the result published here is not the actual result as per school report card, can the teacher make the changes after they upload the result?

    • This is serious. Please provide name of school, class, name of student and snapshot of report card result.

  6. I m not able check my child’s examination results online as it reviews “502 Bad Gateway”. How? my child is in primary 6. thank you

    it’s temporary down

  7. Nama anak saya saw how meng , IC 011201-08-XXXX keputusan tingkatan 2 . tiada markah dan keputusan dalam bahasa english?

    Harap tuan/puan semakan untuk saya.

    Terima kasih

    61 Grade C

  8. I m not able check my children’s examination results online as it says the No KP is not in the data but I could check that last year. Can you help me to check?

    My children’s details are as follows:

    Khoo Yu-Jun : 0503231xx491
    Khoo Yu-Ze : 0610051xx385


    Link rectify. Please check again.

  9. i cant login because it say my No KP is wrong,why?

    write your No KP here (it wouldn’t be shown). We help u to check.

  10. saya dah log in untuk cek result tapi tak ada result pon. adakah cikgu tak key in result lg??? rasanya tak da msalah dgn server pon.

  11. I am browsing on-line above a couple of time today, nonetheless We hardly ever identified just about any amazing report similar to your own property. It is really beautiful cost plenty of for me. In my opinion, in case most webmasters as well as bloggers built outstanding information when you performed, the online world will probably be considerably more useful than previously.. Pendaftaran dan semakan online BR1M, PR1MA, MYHOME, MYLESEN, PLKN, RMR1M, KDR1M, SPM, STPM, UPU ONLINE. Dapatkan borang permohonan.

  12. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the layout of your site? It’s very well written; I love what you’ve got to say.
    But maybe you could do a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. You’ve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two images. Maybe you could space it out better?

  13. What does the [MA] mean in the SPM trial results? Can someone please clarify this urgently? Thank you..

    please read above


  14. Saps is almost useless:
    – Server is slow
    – Result came up slow
    – Hard to find website(if you search at other search engine)
    – Can’t find UPSR, PMR and SPM result
    – Can’t view online, need to download for not-up-to-date browser

    • Saps is almost useless: Wrong
      – Server is slow , Result came up slow : Wrong ; Our test shows that it is fast. Check your line.
      – Hard to find website(if you search at other search engine) : not really
      – Can’t find UPSR, PMR and SPM result : Right
      – Can’t view online, need to download for not-up-to-date browser : Wrong

  15. How can i check my son’s result. He is born in year 1999. I tried to key in the ic no but stated ic tak ada dalam data.

    • contact your son’s school SU (setiausaha peperiksaan) to make sure his particular was keyed-in into SAPS

  16. I’m a 99’s, I want to check my end-term exam result, but they say my i/c number tiada dalam pangkalan data.

    tell your form teacher about this

  17. Tried to log in to check my daughter’s result for the mid year examination but not able to log in. Please advise. Thank you.

    @ nora

    try again. There is no problem

  18. I have already filled out the details, including ic no.. but it still asked the ic no.. also have tried bitth certificate no. Cannot login. What happen?

    post your details here. (it will not be publish)

  19. how to check my son’s upsr percubaan result. SJKT Sg. Besi

    follow steps above, need birthcert no.

  20. kenapa markah sejarah dan perdagangan tidak direkodkan?
    saya pelajar dari SMK Lawas , saya nak tahu markah dua subjek yang tadi saya nyatakan.keputusan peperiksaan pertengahan tahun punyai.

    just ask the ‘Setiausaha Peperiksaan’ teacher in your school, she will make sure everything is updated

  21. Results were posted very late and there were 2 errors in the results. How will it impact my child with the worst off result that was posted. What should i do?

    • Alert the school. If there is frequent errors, make a complaint to the district education officer.

  22. my daughter last year study in chung hwa kota kinabalu ,then i want to get her standard 4 result through saps online and i type her identity card the message show there is no result .can u please explain.thank you

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