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 Tips for applying your desiring course :

  • Before submitting, do research, research and research
  • Read instructions carefully
  • Summit all required documents, make sure all are certified. (summit full A4 size of photocopy of IC, do not cut into small size)
  • Attached parent’s 3 months income statement (latest EA form)
  • Make your application stand out – submit a full page of personal statement of why you choose your desired course, your burning desire to pursue your dreamed course

Tips for the interview

  • Be prepared –  remember your interview session (date, time, venue). Bring all original documents, portfolio for certification
  • Be familiar – know why you applied for the institution,  know why you applied for the course, know your application details
  • Be puncture,  proper dress code
  • During interview

–        greet your panel
–        introduce yourself
–        be yourself and be confident
–        listen carefully to the panel’s question
–        answer honestly
–        be attentive

Tips for submission

  • If there are 10 institution you are interested in, summit 10 complete application forms, one form per course per institution. No shortcut.
  • Only shortlisted candidates would be notified for interview
  • Notification via telephone calls and/or emails
  • Interview based on intake dates of the institution and are scheduled from April to July. If a specific course commence on July, your notification might only arrived during June.  So be patience.

Final note :

The Star Education Fund caters for financial needs rather than merit based. It means that top scorers does NOT have a better chance than a non-top scorers. So try your best to apply.

The above summary are from a
public talk given by Susanna Kuan



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  1. I understand that the application already closed. I would like to know are there any requirements to maintain the education fund if i were to be awarded?
    In what scenarios that the education fund offered will be terminated?
    Thank you.

    • 1. maintain minimum academic performance required by your fund provider. 2. good discipline.

    • scholarship means that you no need to pay back and not bounded by any party. application already closed on 14 Apr 2013.

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