Live Contented

Live contented.
Don’t expect perfection. Perfect situation is only in theory. Be practical.
Accept what that comes. The good, the moderate and the bad. Don’t whine when you’re disappointed with a person or a thing.
Do not be too critical when someone fails. Remember that you, too are fallible. Don’t look down people under you when you are going up because you might see them again on the way you are going down.
Keep your ideals in your heart and set your standard high.
Have a wildest dream. Dare to dream. But don’t lose faith when things go wrong. Every cloud has a silver lining.
Do not ask too much of life or try to reach beyond practical range.
Accept and learn to live contented with what you cannot change.

Never give Up.  AbrLin
Abraham Lincoln :

Lost his job in 1832
Was defeated for the legislature in 1832
Failed in business in 1834
Elected to legislature in 1834
Lost his sweetheart to death in 1835
Had nervous breakdown in 1836
Was defeated in bid for Speaker in 1838
Was defeated in bid for Congress in 1843
Was elected to Congress in 1846
Lost nomination bid for Congress in 1848
Was rejected for Land Officer in 1849
Was defeated for Senate in 1854
Lost nomination for vice presidency in 1856
Was again defeated for Senate in 1858
Was elected President of United States in 1860

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