Correct English – Mind Your Language (ii)

CORRECT ENGLISH –  Mind Your Language (ii)

Study the following sentences which show how certain words are to be used (For Form 1, 2 and 3)

  1. He invited Raymond and me to his house. (Not, I.)
  2. You have lived here longer than I. (Not, me.)
  3. He is not as poor as I. (Not, me.)
  4. Neither of us went. (Not, Both of us did not go.)
  5. We did not all go (or, None of us went.) (Not, We all did not go.)
  6. Have you a pencil? No, I have not got one. (Not, I have not got.)
  7. He and I are great friends. (Not, I and he.)
  8. “Who did this?” “I“. (Not, me or myself.)
  9. He and I did it. (Not, He and myself; or, He and me.)
  10. One must do one’s duty. (Not, his.)
  11. One must blame oneself for one’s mistakes. (Not, himself for his mistakes.)
  12. I told him to go (Not, said to him.)
  13. I asked him to excuse me. (Not, told him.)
  14. My tooth is aching. (Not, paining.)
  15. He has a fever. (Not, is having a fever.)
  16. I have a pain in my foot. (Not, my foot is paining.)
  17. We have ordered a new car. (Not, ordered for a new car.)
  18. The ship sank; or, the ship was sunk. (Not, the ship was drowned.)
  19. This house is to be let.
  20. He would not listen to me. (Not, hear me; or, listen me.)
  21. No one likes to be laughed at. (Not, to be laughed.)
  22. Did he come? (Not, Did he came?)
  23. Did you see her? (Not, Did you saw her?)
  24. He hung his coat on a nail. (Not, hanged)
  25. All the prisoners were hanged. (Not, hung.)
  26. Her voice slowly sank to a whisper. (Not, sunk.)
  27. He has begun to work. (Not, has began.)
  28. I have lived here since 1990. (Not, I lived here since 1990.)
  29. She has been ill since last week. (Not, She was ill since last week.)
  30. Genghis Khan won many battles. (Not, has won.)
  31. The telegram was invented by Granville T.Woods. (Not, had been invented.)
  32. We finished our work a few days ago. (Not, have finished.)
  33. I saw him yesterday. (Not, have seen.)
  34. He left for Hong Kong yesterday. (Not, has left.)
  35. The new church was opened last month. (Not, has been opened.)
  36. We went to the cinema last night. (Not, had gone.)
  37. We had eaten our food before he arrived. (Not, We ate our food before he arrived.)
  38. She had died before the doctor arrived. (Not, She died before the doctor arrived.)
  39. We will have reached the LRT station before the train leaves. (Not, We will reach the LRT station before the train will leave.)
  40. I shall have gone by the time she comes. (Not, I will go by the time she comes.)
  41. She had finished her dinner when I saw her (Not, She finished her dinner when I saw her.)
  42. He died in 1970. (Not, He had died in 1970)
  43. We sat in darkness for the light had gone out. (Not, the light went out.)
  44. I saw him go. (Not, saw him went.)
  45. I dare not talk to him. (Not, to talk.)
  46. I made him walk in front. (Not, to walk.)
  47. I made him confess that he stole the money. (Not, to confess.)
  48. We made him admit that he was wrong. (Not, to admit.)
  49. You had better go now. (Not, to go.)
  50. You had better mind your own business. (Not, to mind.)   NEXT   PREVIOUS

English is very important to you

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  1. Oh My God, so I’ve been using the wrong grammars all this time? :O Thank God I found this article by accident! At least, I can brush up my English after this, LOL. Thank you anyways!

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