Correct English – Mind Your Language (i)

CORRECT ENGLISH –  Mind Your Language (i)

Study the following sentences which show how certain words are to be used (For Form 1, 2 and 3)

  1. He takes trouble (or, pains) over his work. (Not, takes troubles to do his work.)
  2. Our house is built of stone. (Not, stones.)
  3. She gave me some good advice. (Not, advices.)
  4. Have you received any information? (Not, informations.)
  5. I do not like this poetry (or, these poems). (Not, these poetries.)
  6. Have you learnt the new poem? (Not, the new poetry.)
  7. I like the mountain scenery. (Not, sceneries.)
  8. This news is good. (Not, These news are good.)
  9. Those cattle are ours. (Not, that cattle is ours.)
  10. I know those people. (Not, that people.)
  11. Mr. Patrick came with his family. (Not, came with his family members.)
  12. There is no room for him here. (Not, place.)
  13. We had a good game of tennis. (Not, play.)
  14. He is always making trouble for his friends. (Not, troubles.)
  15. I do not like this kind of guavas. (Not, these kind.)
  16. That sort of people is nice to talk with. (Not, Those sort of people are nice to talk with.)
  17. These kinds of guavas are sweet. (Not, This kinds of guavas is sweet.)
  18. He is the better of the two brothers. (Not, the best.)
  19. This apartment is newer than that. (Not, more newer.)
  20. Henry is the best boy in his class. (Not, a best boy.)
  21. He is the strongest man (or, He is a very strong man). (Not, He is strongest man.)
  22. There is some water in the jug. (Not, any.)
  23. He is junior to me. (Not, than me.)
  24. He is senior in service to me. (Not, than me.)
  25. This watch is inferior to that. (Not, than that.)
  26. Your essay is superior to that one. (Not, than that one.)
  27. He is cleverer than any other boy. (Not, He is cleverer than any boy.)
  28. You are older than Tom. (Not, elder than Tom.)
  29. Tom is my elder brother. (Not, older brother.)
  30. Neither girl has come. (Not, Both girls have not come.)
  31. He gets a smaller salary than you. (Not, a less salary.)
  32. There are fewer than ten books here. (Not, less than ten.)
  33. Of the two, I like this the better. (Not, the best.)
  34. Which is the better of the two. (Not, the best.)
  35. What kind of flower is this? (Not, kind of a flower.)
  36. She is not that sort of woman. (Not, sort of a woman.)
  37. Whom did you meet? (Not, who.)
  38. Who did you say was there? (Not, whom.)
  39. Whom did you call? (Not, Who.)
  40. Whom are you waiting for? (Not, Who.)
  41. He is older than I. (Not, me.)
  42. I am not as rich as he. (Not, him.)
  43. You are taller than she. (Not, her.)
  44. They asked Mr. Nandy and me to tea. (Not, I.)
  45. They were all there but me. (Not, I.)
  46. Let you and me play the game. (Not, I.)
  47. “Who is at the door?” “I“. (Not, me.)
  48. “Who broke the glass?” “Not I“. (Not, me.)
  49. Who is more beautiful than she? (Not, her.)
  50. If I were he I wouldn’t do it. (Not, him.) (Note “lf I were”.)                 NEXT

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