Check Results SPM 2020, STAM 2020, STPM 2020, SPMU 2020, PPT & PAT Form 4, MUET

Check School Examination Results (SAPS)

Check SPM 2020 Results : 10 June 2021, 10 am

Check SPM 2019 Results : 05 March 2020, 10 am

Check STPM 2019 Overall Results : 25 Feb 2020 .

Check STAM 2019 Results : 22 Jan 2020

PT3 2019 Results Released: 19 Dec 2019

Check UPSR 2019 Results : 21 Nov 2019, 10 am

Check SPMU 2019 Results : 28 Aug 2019

Check SPM 2018 Results : 14 March 2019, 10 am

Check STPM 2018 Overall Results : 11 March 2019 .

Check PT3 2018 Results : 13 December 2018

Check UPSR, PASR 2018 Results : 29 Nov 2018

Check MUET  2017, 2018 Results (March, July, Nov).

Check SPMU 2018 Results : 13 Sept 2018

Check SPM 2017 Results : 15 March 2018

Check PT3 2017 Results : 14 December 2017

Check UPSR 2017 Results : 23 Nov 2017

Check SPMU 2017 Results : 24 August 2017

Check PT3 2016 Results : 19 December 2016

Check SPM 2016 Results : 16 March 2017, 10 am

Check UPSR 2016 Results : 17 Nov 2016

Check SPMU 2016 Results : 3rd week, August 2016.

Check MUET  2016, 2017 Results (March, July, Nov).

Check SPM 2015 Results : 03 March 2016.

Check STPM 2015 Overall Results : 02 March 2016.

Check UPSR 2015 Results : 17 Nov 2015.

Check School Examination Results (SAPS)

e-Semakan Tawaran




STPM Sample Results

 Which School got 100% STPM passes?

Kriteria Kemasukan ke Ting. 4 mulai tahun 2015 Aliran Sains untuk murid PT3

Check MUET Results

Received your result with a cheerful heart. Do not be emotional even if it is way out of your prediction or expectation. Accept it, after all you have done your best, haven’t you ??

” Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.”

“To be a CHAMP, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.”

“If we are not a little bit uncomfortable every day, we are not growing. All the good stuff is outside our comfort zone.”

” I have seen better days, but I have also seen worse. I don’t have everything that I want, but I do have all I need. I woke up with some aches and pains, but I woke up. My life may not be perfect but I am blessed.”

Read here for some motivational saying and quotes. Remember, it never will be the end of your world.


Panduan Pendaftaran Peperiksaan STPM Ulangan

Semak Keputusan Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM). Mulai 10 pagi  minggu ke-4  Jan tahun semasa

atau dengan sms : STAM <jarak> Angka Giliran

dan hantar ke 15888, contoh : STAM MQ043S524

As usual, students can take their result from school starting from 10 a.m.

The results can be check through sms service : mySMS 15888 (starting from 10 a.m.)

Follow the steps here :

Semakan keputusan PMR 2013


Check UPSR Results 

Check By SMS : Type UPSR space angka giliran and send to 15888

Example : UPSR BC001A029 and send to 15888

* Charges 35 sen per SMS applied. Please don’t do twice, just wait for response from the server, it may take up to 30 minutes due to heavy queries on the day results was released.

.Check PAT Form 4 Results.

Form 4 students also can check their own PAT results


1. Click the link Check PAT Form 4 Results above.

2. Enter your IC No. and select Sekolah Menengah and year. Then click ‘Semak Laporan’

3. Click to choose PAT ( or Ujian 1, PPT if you like). Then papar slip keputusan or papar markah peperiksaan for all test.

4. Form 2, 3, 5 and Standard 3, 4, 5, 6 pupils also can check their own results this way.

Check MUET Results Online

dengan sms : MUET RESULT <jarak> Nombor Kad Pengenalan Baru

dan hantar ke 15888, contoh : MUET RESULT 950412073358

.Check STPM Baharu results.

To check by SMS :

  • Type STPM [space] RESULT [space] No. KP and sent to ke 15888
  • Example: STPM RESULT 9400328125498 sms to 15888.

Check SPM Results

By SMS : Type SPM space followed by IC No space Angka Giliran and send to 15888

Example : SPM 970321073218 AG121K003 and send to 15888

* Charges 35 cents to and fro per SMS applied.

Pendaftaran Online Calon Persendirian STPM semak SPM 2013

About Check SPM Results Online

You can’t check detail SPM results online. However, you can check the summary of your SPM results online, complete results still unavailable online. did not provide online checking for actual UPSR, PMR and SPM results. (However, you can check your STPM results online with the link below). Taking into consideration the huge number of candidates taking the SPM, about 500K students each year at 3590+ examination centers through out the whole country, no server will want to handle such amount of queries for free. You also can check your SPM results by SMS.

SPM results will be released on March every year. Students will be able to get the results from their respective schools after 10 a.m. Private candidates would get their results through post or from state education department where you registered your SPM previously. All students can get their results through SMS from 10 a.m. on March 03 to midnight on March 17 by typing SPM space followed by IC No space Index No and sending it to 15888. Sending charge: RM0.15 Receiving charge: RM0.20.

Service provided by MAMPU.

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Education Fair and Career Talks  for post SPM & STPM, pelajar lepasan SPM dan STPM.

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Comments: 57

  1. Hi. May I know can I appeal for rechecking my STPM result released yesterday? Thank you.

    rayuan should be made after each term’s result released, not the overall result. visit the MPM website.

  2. kalau guna sms untuk tahu result spm 2013 pada 20 march ni, betul ke keputusan dia(seberape percent yang betul??), n berape lame mase yang diambil untuk dapat result lepas sms tu???? saya penah gune sistem ni mase pmr dulu, tapi xdpt..

  3. salam..macamana nak check keputusan permohonan tingkatan satu ke SMKA dan SMA di kuantan,pahang untuk kemasukan 2014 ?

  4. Hello admin,I am a form three student from Methodist Girls’ School,Ipoh,Perak.I would like to know when is the 2013 PMR Results coming out.Please?

    around 19 Dec 2013

  5. How do I check my last year spm result when I’m away?

    [ ask a local friend to check by sms for you ]

  6. hai admin,agak2 nya bila keputusan stpm 2012 akan d umumkan ya..nampaknya stpm terminal akhir ne agak lewat sngt d umumkn brbnding taun2 lps..harap admin boleh bri jngkaan..hehe

  7. how to advance in english subject?….i try all kind of methods but i still can’t get good results…….

    • first you must have the determination to excel in English. everyday learn 20 new vocabulary from reading englsih books, listen to english news .. .etc, many methods. go consult your english teacher.

  8. my spm result is get lose alrdy, where can i get back? and i also forgot my (angka giliran),so what can i do rite now?

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