Apa itu PBSMR 2014 ?

Penambahbaikan PBS Mulai 1 Apr 2014. Baca seterusnya …...

1 April 2014

PT3 2014 menggantikan PMR 2013. Baca Seterusnya …….

Tajuk hangat tahun 2014 ialah sama ada wujud satu peperiksaan yang akan menggantikan peperiksaan PMR.

Peperiksaan masih akan digunakan. Tidak mungkin 100% berdasarkan kerja pentaksiran dan kerja kursus di sekolah. Yang akan menggantikan peperiksaan PMR ialah PT3.

23 FEB 2014

KUALA LUMPUR: Pelaksanaan Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah (PBS) ditangguhkan sehingga ia dikata putuskan oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia dalam masa yang terdekat.

Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran, Datuk Dr Khair Mohamad Yusof berkata, kajian menyeluruh mengenai pelaksanaan PBS sedang dijalankan dan cadangan penambahbaikan akan dikemukakan kepada Menteri Pendidikan, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin untuk keputusan selanjutnya. Keputusan ini akan diumumkan sebelum atau pada 1 April 2014.

“Buat masa ini guru-guru tidak perlu meneruskan pelaksanaan PBS sehingga satu kenyataan mengenainya dibuat oleh KPM dalam masa terdekat”.

Apa itu PBSMR?

PBSMR singkatan kepada Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah Menengah Rendah.

Setakat ini diketahui ia hanya akan melibatkan empat matapelajaran sahaja. Paling mungkin Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris, Sains dan Matematik. Ada pula yang kata PPMR 2014 akan menggantikan PMR.  Tidak ada pihak yang memberikan kata putus lagi dan tertakluk kepada perubahan menjelang dan sepanjang  tahun 2014. Sama-samalah kita lihat.

Dalam satu kenyataan pada 24 Dis 2013, Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan, Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching berkata, peperiksaan baru dikenali PBSMR bagi menggantikan PMR itu masih belum dapat disahkan.

“Apabila ada pelan berkenaan, sudah pastinya akan berlaku perubahan format. Bagaimanapun, saya hanya akan membuat komen apabila semuanya sudah dimuktamadkan dan diterima umum. Saya tidak gemar komen sesuatu yang tidak pasti dan masih belum diwujudkan, malah saya tidak boleh sahkan perkara itu,” katanya.

Yang ibubapa paling mengharapkan ialah isu-isu yang timbul dalam PBS sekarang dan feedback negatif yang dikemukakan dapat diselesaikan oleh pihak yang berkenaan.

Untuk makluman, komponen PBS terdiri daripada dua kategori iaitu akademik dan bukan akademik

  1. Kategori akademik terdiri daripada Pentaksiran Sekolah (PS) dan Pentaksiran Pusat (PP)
  2. Kategori bukan akademik terdiri daripada Pentaksiran Psikometrik (PPsi) dan Pentaksiran Aktiviti Jasmani, Sukan dan Kokurikulum (PAJSK).

Ibubapa boleh rujuk kepada PANDUAN PENGURUSAN PENTAKSIRAN BERASASKAN SEKOLAH (PBS) yang dikeluarkan oleh Lembaga Peperiksaan untuk maklumat lanjut.





Takwim Peperiksaan Awam 2014



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  1. pbs use alot of paper, and students also tired have to do pbs, exam and also home w.. we don’t like to work with a lot of paper, although nx year, 4 subjects but it must think out of box, we also hv a class tuition, we dont hv the time to do PBS, such a weird thing that i have to do, so this is our pbs, gotcha byebye, to those in authority, pls don’t make batch 99 like an experiment, we are not lab rats okay :), think about it.. we are students who do not hv to change.. WE HATE PBS and we like exam like a normal .. -done-

    • really agree with you! please don’t make us like an experiment. we are not lab rats!

    • please don’t make batch 99 as an experiment.. we also want to suceed in our life. PBS also makes us stress… i hope the government will think carefully before make a step. my opinion is why don’t the government choose wether to approve pbs or to make exam.

    • i absolutely agree with what you have said…pbs is making all the students to hate their studies..i hate pbs. we don’t even know hw it’s gonna come;in which format are we going to do in our exam. i even heard that our science and maths exam will b in malay only..i will die if there is no english…i hate this stupid system.

    • I’m sure I must misunderstood you guys, the PBS thing are afterall as your first step to prepare yourself to go through the modern world career after you done with your studies in Secondary School Term. Its a theoretical approach that is essential to broaden the minds of students.. Don’t make a rediculous excuse such as “I have a tuition to do after school, and I’m afraid I do not have the time to do the PBS thing”… Learning and doing homeworks are what the school is all about… You have been given -THAT- golden opportunity to study new things, so appreciate it! I’m a college student, you don’t know how bad I wanted to go back to study in the secondary school…

    • hey guys and girls. I think PBSMR is something new and it is good for you. This system is almost similar to the curriculum in US which needs your creativities. The existing system is you people have to read and read. PBS is based on your wholistic achievements + your services to the communities. This is what practised in the US. If you resist changes then you are going backward.

    • PBSMR is indeed new in our education system. However I do not agree with Noreda here. In the United States, different states have different types of education system. For example, in California you may take it’s Exit Exam for up to 8 times in 3 years. In Malaysia however, the pressure is horrendous ; you only have one chance in PBSMR, it is not fully clarified by the government whether we will get so many chances to pass the test. Another thing is we have both PBSMR and our normal exams, and that means what, we have about 5 exams per year in SMK? Further more, if we want to achieve Band 6 we literally have to make our teachers very happy ( in some ways that is good, it hones your skill when you start working and have to please your boss). But after adding all the exams, the hard work from PBS and the homework, it really makes us overloaded with stress, stress, stress. What is the outcome of stress? Drug abuse? No determination to succeed? Stifle our creativity? Only with time will we know.

    • Students have to deal with all kinds or intensities of stresses in order to be -immune- to the master of Stress when you’re working… I believe, the work environment is more stressful then the stress that students commonly face at school… Students have to learn to be independent, learn to get used to go through the rough and winding road… There will be light at the end of a tunnel… Well teachers have to play their role as a good counsellor to their students as well, encouraging them to strive at their best and reach their limit… Teachers and students must go hand-in-hand to solve everything that is impossible and no one will feel stress about their studies anymore^^

    • apa kata kita fikir perkara yang baik tentang pbs ini….pbs ni saya rasa ia dapat menolong saya kerana kita dapat belajar benda yang baru mcm pelajaran di universiti mungkin kita dpt belajr lebih awl2 dh sblmmasuk nanti.sbnrnya istilah2 band2 sume ni ada apa dkt sana. jadi jgn la stresss,fikir benda baikla

    • Saya setuju dengan penerangan ms suzy.PBS adalah memenatkan dan membuang masa sehinggakan saya malas untuk pergi ke sekolah disebabkan pbs.Ia boleh menimbulkan stress kepada pelajar yang lain.Kami lebih suka PMR!!!!!

  2. PBS sucks axx, gimme back PMR ! Dealing with the stress of not getting the Band if you get 1 question wrong and the stress of doing this shit everyday is far worse than dealing with PMR. Treating us 99 batch like some ass guinea pigs.

  3. pbs bazir kertas, pokok2 kenatebang nak buat kertas. student dan cikgu pening ngan pbs ni. tapi, pbs merupakan persediaan before masuk u. bila masuk u, kita dahada experience nak buat assignment

  4. PBS makes us stress… We want exam back.. that will make us ready and keep compete each other to do better. But, sometimes I have to think positively..PBS makes me learn something until I really really understand what i have learnt. But it is good if the examination is still going on. if we don’t have any exam, imagine how can us prepare for the PBSMR. Please don’t make 99’s like a lab rats. We are not born to be investigate. It’s hard for us to accept a new thing. :) PBS. If you understand what i mean. =,=


  5. I don’t see any strong reasons to replace PMR with PBSMR.
    Yeah , PBS uses a lot of paper. The teacher give us questions
    on the whiteboard then the students must copy the questions and finish it. Then submit it to the teacher.

    I don’t think there is need to replace PMR. I think PMR is good enough.

  6. i think this system can’t help a lot. it is because the students mostly are being lazy because the system allow student to do the test repeatly. students should target A+ in order to archive the best score. yes , maybe this system would suit well with the SBP (SEKOLAH BERASRAMA PENUH) students , but not the daily students like us. this is just my opinion , if i got wrong so don’t blame me :)

  7. i hate pbs .no1 it wastes papers .no2 it makes the teachers stressed up.no3 students get lazier as some teachers themself dont know how to accomplish certain evidences.no3 pmr is better bcus students are able to target A’s whereas when students do pbs they do not bother even if they dont get band 6. they dont even mind if they only get band 3. However the main issue that i am very sad about is that millions of papers are going to waste.Can’t these typical malaysians understand that this world needs more trees to cool down the earth as global warming is taking place. so now all of us know the prime nation that is actually making the earth a hotter place!!!!!malaysia’s education department.
    those who agree pls reply with ur own message.pls reply on the same website.

    • Yeah,I agree with you,Sebab kalau ada PBS takda daya saingan dalam kalangan pelajar dan ini menyebabkan banyak pelajar tidak ada semangat untuk belajar,Mereka tidak peduli pasal gred mereka asalkan mereka melepasi band 3 itu sudah cukup bagi mereka

    • I get your point there… You were suggested that the PBS thing will cause global warming (that’s quite clever to make this kind of excuse to avoid home works 😛 )… Nowadays students tend to focus on their iPad, door pad, eye pad, face pad, samsung tab, or any kind of devices that have a sensory touch, more than their studies. And so, they’ll make oaf excuses like, “We don’t have time to do the PBS thing because we are too busy with our tuition” or the one which is mentioned earlier, “PBS are the main reason of why global warming takes place :P”

    • btol3…kami pening dgn pbs ni..menyusahkan ja..cikgu2 pun pnat nx keep in mrkh..bubar jea lha pbs ni,,snang untuk mrid2 nan ckgu,,x dk lha pning sngt….

  8. ya allah,ya tuhan,ya karim,susahnya pbs ni..x larat kmi nx uat kerja kursus pbs bnyx2 ni,,fail kmi da pnuh dngan krtas smpai lonyai da krtas 2,,tmbh2 akhir thun ni lgi lha bnyk krja yg nx bereskn..adoi!!!!pning dey!!srabut weh!!taun dpn lk ad pbsmr lgi lha kmi bluurrrr…we hope that next year xda lha pbsmr ni…hrpan ckgu nan murid2 sngt dihrgai,,,jngn kcewakan hti fiqa n all teacher n fren ok…amin….

    • Kau ni budak PBS ke?
      Kau buat lah.It’s not challenging for us and if you see the condition of my school,we’re practically idiots who know how to write.Nak masukkan dalam fail tu pun cikgu mintak tolong student,katanya kalau tolong dapat sijil,aku tunggu takde pun sijil nye.
      Anyways,kita nak jet jet je ikut plan US bagai tapi meja kerusi patah lah rosak lah berlubang lah.Fikirkan keselesaan murid untuk belajar dulu sebelum reputation negara lah.
      Besides,kalau PBSMR tu ada empat subject je,lagi empat tu kena buat projek macam mana?Kau buat lah,aku fikir pun dah nak violent.

    • Pelajar-pelajar yang lain semua tidak mahu pergi ke sekolah disebabkan PBS.Kau pulak kata PBS ni bagus.Beri sebab apa yang bagus tentang PBS ni????

  9. PBS caused me stress, so I do not like PBS because my learning can be disrupted. So I hope that PBS will be canceled and replaced with the PMR.

  10. between pbs and pmr. it’s true that pmr is better. i think i would choose pmr cuz some people might bw copying answers from their friends and some doesn’t even care. teachers give band 6 to those who are not qualified to get one. some of them are stupid.. i mean like super stupid but they got band 6. and we felt like its is unfair. whereas pmr is strict. pbs also has its advantages such as we can learn more. it makes us do things that we might not even experience. last year we plant trees for band 6. it was quite fun though. we said its not good because of some people don’t manage it properly. so far, according to my preferences, pbs has not been a serius problem. don’t blame me if you get any trouble. its just that. i gotta say, only those who are good at managing will survive for pbs while the problematic ones will never be good in pbs. that’s all :)

    • kalau nak dapatkan band 6 kena berbincang dengan guru-guru yang ajar subjek yang sama kalau satu cikgu tak setuju,just good bye to band 6

  11. Aku kan, senanya, pening gila kepala otak aku dgn pbs ni, salah sikit je doh pastu kecoh nk turun band, stress gila, pastu bila sampai akhir tahun, lagilah serabut nk susun band2 dlm file, pastu nk kena settle lagi. cikgu nilaikan? penilaian orng berbeza, mcm nk judge aje, salah sikit terus turun band. exam pmr sebelum ni okay je, ramai pulok tu yg berjaya. Sumpah weh, tolonglah, rasa mcm hape je jadi bahan uji kaji. Tekanan dimana2, nk push sgt student,boleh give up ler cam ni.

  12. If government approve PBSMR then I’m pretty sure there will be less student than it should be, you get it? They stress because schools, they might give up and end up murder themselves because of exessive stress for teenagers. Please, we’re 14. Still too young for paper works. Just elimate PBS and PBSMR and go back to normal education system.

    • Betul tu betul… Kalau nak buat pbs dgn baik kita perlulah belajar dgn bersungguh-sungguh…. Barulah ia atan menjadi senang Dan mudah… Lagipun mane ada membazirkan waktu… Pakai waktu yg ada utk belajar… Bkn dgn bermain…

  13. I`m agree with u all. PBS only make me with STRESS with a lot of papers and files. It also make teachers have many works to do. If PBS doesn`t exist, the teacher have just to teach and give some exam to estimate our achievement.

  14. If someone who say that PBS is suck axx, bullshxx, you know that person must be lazy and moron. We must prove that our system PBSMR are great in our Country.Because Albert Einstein always say ”In your life ,Must keep moving forward”.Did you guys know our year have expand with technology ,war,and everything. If someone who didn’t want to support me go ahead ,or who want to support like me just say ”YES”

  15. Pbs give everyone a chance to get the better results for enter the better class.i so worry about the pbsmr .we don’t know the exam area how far so that is a serious problems

  16. pbs memang buat budak budak stress! tambah lagi sistem ni langsung tak adil. cikgu perlu nilai setiap pelajar sedangkan cikgu mengajar banyak kelas. setiap kelas pun ada hampir 40 orang pelajar. Saya ada kawan yg tidak menutup aurat tapi dia boleh dapat band 6 dalam agama islam. dia patutnya takat band 2 je, tahu dan faham sedangkan dia tak amalkan pun. Just because dia tu rajin and tak bising. Guru bukannya kenal sangat pun dengan pelajar. takat tau muka nama je. dahlah kertas semua guna duit sendiri. kalau nak kejar band 6 pun guna banyak duit and masa. subject bukannya satu je. Memang susah lah untuk kami berjaya dengan sistem rushing + menyusahkan macam ni. nak kejar periksa akhir tahun lagi. hancurr

  17. And lagi stress bila family kita tak faham kita. dia pergi compare dengan asigment kat university. Seriously it’s kinda pissed me off. sedih marah stress kecewa dan taktau apa nak jadi pada masa depan :'(

    • Aku kena buat pelbagai assignments mcm kat Universiti. Dah la kalau assignments tak siap tak pass la lepas tu nak kejar exam lagi la. Assignments bukan nya untuk 1 subjek je tapi untuk lapan or sembilan subjek lepas tu setiap semester pulak ada je kerja kena buat apatah lagi time cuti sekolah.
      Tapi kita terpaksa terima hakikatnya juga.

  18. bagi sy, sistem peperiksaan yang sedia ada dh cukup baik utk nilai para pelajar..dh xperlu bertukar pd PBS dh.. keluhan dari guru2, ramai yg kurang stuju dgn pengurusan sistem PBS ni, malah umpama membebankan..jgn jadikan para pelajar sbg bahan eksperimen..sbb “eksperimen” ini melibatkan masa dpn mereka..kaji dulu betul2 sblm dilaksanakan..

  19. pbs menyusahkan!!!! mp sejarah x abes blajar sbb nak kejar pbs..cg kena ajar cepat2 n x faham kena wat2 faham sbb nak siapkan pbs!!!!

  20. saya x suka pbs dan pbs menyebabkan saya dalam dilema saya takut kalau saya turun band saya masuk kelas bawah. pbs sungguh menyusahkan dan membebankan saya.

  21. Exam is good.experience can gain back when we go out n work.now is the time to learn books.can u produce a very good doctor without exam.those who agree with pbs , wanted to have eazy way out.come on, dont make malaysia student look like a fool
    n be a laughing stock.

  22. batch 99 like tak tau subjek apa yang masuk selain the 4 subjects (bm,bi,maths,science) in PBSMR untuk next year. nanti kami kelam kabut prepare..please bgtau subjek apa yang akan ada nanti. so we’re prepared. sorry “manglish”. *peace*

  23. jangan jadikan kami nih sebagai bahan experiment boleh tak!! PBS nih bukan sahaja bazirkan masa, malah menyibukkan kami!! Macammana kami nak berlatih bolasepak, pidato, nasyid kalau asyik sibok ngan PBS ja memanjang.. Time cuti pun kami tetap sibok ngan PBS.. KONKLUSINYA< PBS MENYUSAHKAN KAMI

  24. This PBS is such a pain…For those who said PBS is good, I have to agree for some of the reasons are relevant..BUT! You ppl have missed one important point…this system requires LOTS of paper…which means thousands of trees are being chopped down and if it goes on for a long time, the world’s temperature will increase drastically! Dear someone who invented PBS, Do you want us to die due to extreme heat, hypertension and natural disasters?!?!!? Heyy, don’t laugh! It’s can be true! This system has also injustice..if you know what I mean…I hope the government will think twice before doing something for the country…PBS has more downs than ups. With this system, I tell you, we’ll never go far…it’s destructing students who are actually destined to be great ppl..Hope God hear our cries and change this damn system…

  25. We just have to be prepared for the best and the worst ! 😀 Maybe some of the PBSMR questions will be HOTS or KBAT questions. We just have to put our thinking caps on ! :) I have 2 more years to sit for PBSMR…wish me the best of luck ! :3

  26. In my opinion pbs is a stressfull work for small kids like us.I think the government should think wisely before making any decision related to education.

  27. PBS. There are advantages of PBS. We could learn new things every day, the questions sometimes need to use logical thinking and no answers from the textbook, example Band 5 & 6 that needs high-level thinking.. But there are some disadvantages too! Firstly, some students would take a chance copying others’ work whenever there is a chance. Next, it needs more paper! Thirdly, whenever we have to repeat our PBS evidence just because of one or two mistakes, and at the same time the other students have already passed the evidence which we have to repeat, we will be wasting the teachers’ and our precious time just to repeat the evidence. And for the students who have already passed the evidence we’re trying to repeat, have to wait for us. Furthermore, some dishonest teachers let the students to find answers from our textbooks while doing PBS. At this point, how can we and the teachers know where is our thinking level if we are asked to look for answers in textbook sometimes? Honestly, I prefer PMR rather than PBS or what kinda PBSMR thingy. PMR has more benefits than PBS because we could copy others’ answer for PBS but we couldn’t for PMR. I’m sorry for the long comment but we, the 99th batch need to be free too! Not to be stressed out. Hope that a conclusion for this would appear soon.

  28. I`m very hate pbs cause pbs waste my lovely time for study more to improve my brain for think in a good style……..yes…it`s just say from PBS users….WE`are HATE PBS A LOT…………. ….maybe…we think ….it`s caN make we crazy for study in a good style……..

  29. I agree wif all of u. We’re not lab rats. Pbs tu meletihkan dan memberi stress kpd para pelajar. Sampai cikgu pun naik stress. Btul tak? Think about it wisely :)

  30. Yeah,I think that PBS just makes students and teacher stressful because if a student does not pass a band,he need to redo it again and again.Plus more.the student have more homework and school works everyday until the end of the year and teachers will not have enough time to teach the student the lesson quickly such as history lessons.Please don’t treat batch 99′ like lab rats.There are too many criteria to get band 6 for example is a student goes to a competition even though at national state,if the student does not win in that competition,he will not get band 6 and it is very stressful.

  31. somebody pls do something..we want pmr back…we are not experiment tools to just test the future..we are like dying here wih this pbs..pls help us!!!

  32. I begging , begging and begging , i know the goverment want to do the best for us . But , We think , this is not really good way . We’re tired . Doing a lot of exam everyday . Come on .

  33. Bukan nk bantah, tapi kerajaan kena pikir la. Kami ni remaja yg nak berjaya tapi jangan la bg tekanan kat kami. Dengan homework lg dengan kerja tuition lagi, xkan nk tambah sampai 1 lori kot. Pastu petang2 ade aktiviti kokurikulum lagi. mmg kami setengah mati tauu. Pastu mmg kami kena duduk rumah je settlekan semua kerja. Tolonglah kami kerajaan harga barang naik x pe, asalkan pmr ada kami sanggup

  34. pbs nie susah buat kita orang nie penat lepas buat nie satu lgi tak habis habis buat pbs.paksa buat hari hari pbs nie.

  35. All teachers from my school said PBS is annoying.. My aunts, my uncles who are teacher also said tht PBS just make students moreeeee stupid.. PBS is not fair. Some teachers will give answers to the students. my classmates just copy paste from textbooks.Oh god. pbs is soooo good…Thanks for making us stupid.

  36. I don’t mind doing work and exams, but this pbs and exams together thing really doesn’t work for me. Nowadays teachers are talking about how many papers they have to mark and stuff like that. Some teachers just give us 1 chance to do the models or projects just so their work of marking and keying in scores would be easier. And others talk about nothing to lose, I get the same salary.. and other things. Other than that, teachers tend to rush through topics which isn’t really fair to some of my fellow schoolmates that are slow. Above all that there are still exams that would really stress out the students way more. That is almost all I have to say.

  37. batch 99 entering form four in 2015 will be in a BIG mess. Will there still be this PBS thingy when they proceed to form four? Imagine doing all the assignments on Add Math, Physics, Chem, and not forgetting BIOLOGY ..and the list goes on…. PBS SPM will be HELL. Welcome to the new world

  38. to me, at first of course i feel so stressed bcuz of doing all these pbs. i said i hate pbs and all but now, i started to realize. why the government want to change the system? so that malaysian people can be as the same level as usa,uk,japan,korea and others.
    it is burdening but if you correct your intention (for muslim) insyaAllah God will help you.
    after 2 year experiencing,
    on my first year, i still dont know anything..i just do whatever the teacher gave. alhamdulillah thanks God i got a good results.
    on my second year, i started to study harder. i started to know how important is this pbs. i got to experience how to do band 6 science confidently thanks to my teachers.i get to do band 6 bcuz of my hard work.and that was a great moment for me.atleast next year i have some confidence when i get band 6 science. my teachers also said that on form three, the science band is going to be alot more fun..we get to do things that we never do..and you know what, that’s experience. experience are fun.
    in your school, there must be lazy students right? they even get band 1.why?
    bcuz they are lazy.why they are lazy?
    bcuz they are not DISCIPLINED.
    pbs is like the same level as university. university is hard as you all know..all those assignments..it’s almost the same as pbs..but pbs is a bit easier.
    for me, pbs make me more ambitious. pbs make me want to study harder..eventhough it’s just PMR not SPM. just think, if i study so hard for pmr, of coz on spm i’ll study even even harder right? cuz spm is super important.plus pbs will make you more independent.more discipline.

    if youre stressed, yes everyone stressed when doing pbs..lots of papers and all..but if you are a disciplined student, you can manage it by your own.

    i just want to say, change all of your negative perspective my friends. pbs is one of the mission to achieve wawasan 2020. we all want malaysia to be known. so we, the people itself must stand up. peace everyone. im just saying my thoughts abt pbs. :)

  39. if you all see to the postive side, pbs is good.
    if the teachers rush on some topics, and you dont understand, quickly identify what you dont understand and ask the teachers.
    at the same time, all these will make you more discipline. trust me.
    well, of coz some of it can tgok buku cuz for example, sejarah, how can you answer it when u dont even understand it? think~

  40. PBS make student stress!!
    If u not believe..
    Just make vote to all student batch 99
    that PBS is good or not..
    I trust that more students will say that pbs is not good

    PBS memang membebankan para pelajar..
    jangan jadikan kitorang sbagai experiment korang
    PBS membuatkan ramai pelajar stress!!
    saya x sokong PBS

  41. OMG… this 2 bad 4 students…. its not fair at all.
    actually pbs makes students more stupid ….. there s no challenge … some of my mates just copy de book blindly.
    we gonna waste paper.. im sure there gonna b global warming…

  42. Pbs ,pbsmr all shits. Batch 99′ the worst lab rat. Example like last 2 years. So ‘kelam-kabut’. Some student cheat, some allowed to refer text books, and some work hard to memorize stuff which is unfair.

    Pbs untuk bagi murid sentiasa belajar instead of ujian biasa yg murid belajar last min.

    WTF man… Org belajar sikit, pastu buat pbs… Band by band… Topic baru masuk, topic lama keluar.. End of the year, entah apa dlm otak….
    Kalau exam.. Atleast kteorg ade homework…study kat rumah and tuttion… Study ke x study, time exam sume study.. And gerenti masuk otak… Nak buat pbs belum tentu masuk otak.

    Dapat band 6… Ade org dpt dgn cara meniru, ada yg memenag berusngguh-sungguh…
    Position kita pandai ke x pandai, bagus ke x bagus, pon kita x tau… It’s so unfair

    Balik rumah ckp kat parent, dpt band . 5-6 and they’re like wtf is this shit?

    Rasa mcm keja paksa. Lab rat. Sampah. Failed experiment batch 99 yo

  43. To be Honest … PBS is not helping at all .. in the aspect of Academic and Physical Aktivity .. or as we call it in Malaysia – Ko-Kurikulum. PBS is in fact making pupils study harder but not getting anything while studying.. Now this fact has been proven by other websites that has done surveys asking pupils about how they feel about PBS .. and it show how PBS is Not a New System But a Way to Make Pupils Fail in test and as We all say (Lab Experiments)

  44. yess . saya sokong kata2 awak semua yang komen . saya jugak stress dengan PBS .. kalau boleh kami nak PMR balik …. pbs seperti menipu . kadang2 ada yang meniru melalui buku . pmr tidak bukan ? kami tertekan dengan pbs .

  45. please dont change english language to malay language 100% …at least,let it in bilingual..if all in malay,it give a big trouble to us because we learn in english language since primary school ….please dont change malay language 100%…dont destroy our future :'(

  46. I hate pbs/pbsmr…. First of all i failed my chinese, not 30 marks but 5 marks and i got band 6.. Everybody in my school got band 6 in chinese because the teachers don’t have time… Teachers give us answers during pbs… We don’t even know the format of pbsmr.. Whether form 3 topics only or all form123 topics we don’t even know what subjects is in the pbsmr… This is 50 times worst than barang naik.. My teacher said she don’t know whether maths formula will be given… We are experiencing a corrupted eduation system here ,pm please do something about it… You can brang naik all u want but please give us an authentic education system….

  47. PBS cantik dan menarik.apakah objective PBS??? setiap kali tukar menteri.maka bertukarlah system pendidikan kita.pelancaran PBS sungguh hebat.Tapi malangnya, ramai masih kabur,pegawai pun tak pasti,gurubesar dan guru pun kabur!!!Maka kita semua bergerak dalam kekaburan dan mengharapkan kecemerlangan.
    Ahli politic dan menteri sibuk dgn mentampilkan idea baru…dgn mengharapkan hasil yg luar biasa.
    Siapakah yg mendapat kesan impak dpd idea baru ini??
    Ahli politic dan menteri langsung tidak menghormati pendidik kita yang selama ini bertungkus lumus mendidilk murid murid.
    Suka hati dia…aje…siapa yg susah!!!! Pendidik dan murid murid dibuat bagai.boneka….
    Renong renong lah….

  48. I am so tired with pbs in school. But it is a good test. Because they are testing students at the moment . So we dudnt forgot what we learn today. Pbs also good . But sometimes it so tough than we taught. I hope the test will be not easy. You know something that wevcan answer. No tough .not easy. Thank you

  49. pada pendapat saya pbs ini menyusahkan para pelajar dan memeningkan otak.
    bila para pelajar tidak suka dengan pbs ini,jadi semangat untuk belajar itu semakin kurang betul x?

  50. PBS isn’t the worst nightmare as you all think, yes of course, many of you said that PBS can cause A LOT OF STRESS, UNFAIR COMPETITION AMONG STUDENTS, WASTING A LOT OF TIME and many more. But do we ever think in another point of view, (third person point of view), PBS is literally has the same meaning with ‘everyday quiz’. As long we read our book every single day, study hard every night and do less unimportant works, there’s no way we can’t pass every band in every subject. Plus, having a tuition doesn’t mean you don’t have enough time to read a book, OPPOSITELY, IT’S MEAN THAT YOU HAVE A GREATER PERCENTAGE TO ARCHIVE A GREATER BAND

  51. ok i m fine with the pbs and all. but please make sure that pbsmr is in english and malay because we chinese and kristians are having a very hard time in life as it is and now all the teachers teach us in malay so when we grow up and move to US than what we speak? in malay ?? just give us back Pmr !!!

  52. saya rasa pbs dan PPMR ini bagus untuk kita. janganlah bagi banyak alasan seperti tak ada masa, nak pergi tuisyenlah, apalah. kalau kita kata susah memanglah semua kerja jadi susah. cubalah berfikiran positif. lagipundengan adanya PBS kita banyak membaca dan mencari maklumat. ini menggerakkan sel sel otak kita.

  53. Kerajaan sendiri pun belum boleh pastikan lagi sistem pbsmr ni. Mcm mana kami mahu study? Format apa yg perlu kmi bljr utk pperiksaan? Hal ni sgt membingungkan.

  54. Pbs needs to stop! I hate it. Gives tons of stress. People like me usually take time to understand a topic,and I mean the hard and complicating ones. After learning the prefixes and stuff for Science form 1 ,I was BLURRRR. I definitely told teacher to teach me again but I really can’t get it. After science (still with my brain empty) I went home and try to study again but FML I failed. So I don’t think i reached Band 6 for science cuz I passed up an empty paper to teacher :) I would rather have PMR. Parents are complaining. Its only the 2nd month for 2014 and most students r fed up with this crappy PBSMR! Please understand us! I also think it’s a good idea to give PBS to the students who failed their UPSR instead. Maybe this is the way for them to study.

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