About Read Books. The Habit of Successful People

About Read Books

However busy I am, I will still read books
However tiny is my income, I still buy books
However small is my apartment, I still have my own library
However sparse is our friendship, I will still sent you books

The most mediocre people don’t read books
The most stingy people don’t buy books
The most unlucky people are those who never stumble upon good books.
The most pitiful people are those who never experience life impact from reading books.


Membaca buku

Betapa sibuknya rutin saya, tetap akan saya baca buku
Betapa tipisnya pendapatan saya, tetap akan saya membeli buku
Betapa sempitnya ruang kediaman saya, tetap akan saya membina koleksi buku
Betapa jarangnya persahabatan kita, tetap akan saya hadiahi mu buku

Insan yang calang-calang tidak membaca buku
Insan yang lokek enggan membeli buku
Insan  yang terpinggir oleh nasib tidak pernah menemui buku emas
Insan yang bernasib malang tidak pernah mengalami impak hidup dari buku

The habit of successful people.

Able to make firm decision, overcoming indecisive habit
Able to absolutely transform and discard oneself’s weaknesses
Able to gain invaluable experience from past failure
Always focus the work on areas of his own expertise

Able to modulate his mentality and never overcomed by emotion
Always in fast action mode. No procrastination
Skillful in diplomacy, able to tape the abundant human resources
Able to reorganise  at the right time, put  every phase at the higher starting point.




Translated from chinese text by Admin





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