MySchoolChildren.com is a  WordPress site dedicated to Malaysia school children and parents. This site provides
(a)  quick access to PMR, SPM and STPM questions from 3 main sources :
i) Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia.
ii) Questions used by various states in their state co-ordinated trial examinations.
iii) Questions used by outstanding schools throughout the whole Malaysia in their respective trial examinations.
Wherever possible, answers will be provided for each of the question paper.

(b)  Educational news related to your school going children.

(c)  Important announcement about education opportunity.

(d)  Leisure and Relax.  (adventure yourself)

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p/s :  Comments from some of our readers 

  • Thank you for preparing all these list of Form 6 schools over the nationwide. They provide me with all the informations I need and help me very, very much in making a precise decision for the better future. Thanks again. Oh, and I absolutely love this blog as it provides me with tons of informative articles! Gotta bookmark this site as it seems extremely helpful.    ~ by  Syarina  in http://myschoolchildren.com/list-of-schools-in-malaysia-which-offers-forms-6-classes/
  • Hey Admin! (months ago I visited this website and asked some questions.. if you still remember x) )
    just wanna inform u that I got the scholarship! I’m officially a scholar under the star education fund now.
    again, thanks for all the tips given. :)    ~  by  YongL  in  http://myschoolchildren.com/sin-chew-daily-education-fund/



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