Semakan Kemasukan Ke Program Kolej Vokasional Dan Sekolah Menengah Teknik (KV & SMT),
ILKS, ILKA, & GIATMARA Ambilan Januari 2020 : Mulai 20.01.2020

Semakan Kemasukan Ke Program Kolej Vokasional Dan SM Teknik Ambilan 2020
Semakan ILKS, ILKA, GIATMARA Ambilan Jan 2020 Untuk Lepasan PT3

Change the image, the packing rather than the product itself.

Manufacturers actually likes advertising, although the fact is: a substantial portion of their profit goes to advertisement! Advertising helps the manufacturers saving valuable time from having to do a lot of thinking works about their customers. When designing and developing a product, there is a whole chunk of things to think about besides worrying over whether the product will have its market. The designer is well busy enough and they generally exclude customer-appeal factor to all other prime problems such as man-hours, machine tolerances and equitment stress factors. So they will move ahead and produce the thing and leave it to the advertiser to look for ways of making it appeal to customers after they have finished it.

Manufacturers also found that advertising saves them from altering their product, and manufacturers really hate changes. The ideal product is one which need not be upgrade and goes on sale forever. If, therefore, for one reason or another, some changes needs to be carried out - how much better to change the image, the packing or the tone of the product, rather than changing the product itself, which incurs cost and inconvenience. Individual manufacturers who allocate resources to advertising believe that this improves their sales and increases their profits. A further argument advanced for advertising is that it increases total consumer spending, and thereby helps to create a high level of employment and helps to boost the economy.