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Almost every day, we see and hear about all kinds of new and innovative products that promise to make our work easier and our lives more comfortable as well as save us valuable time. More and more products flood the market, as our needs change and our demands grow. While some of these items are new inventions, others are modifications of existing things that have now become better, more attractive or more practical to use.

Look at the telephone for example. Decades ago in Malaysia, it was only available in black, and it was heavy, clumsy-looking and used a finger dial. Later, however. improvements were made on it, such as making it lighter so it could be moved around easily, and using a push-button key-pad to dial the number faster. There are a wide range of telephones available these days, in attractive colours, shapes and sizes. New designs are constantly being created to cater to different groups of people.

Semakan Online Keputusan Kemasukan MRSM Ting. 4 2020

Look at the items listed below and think about their functions, strengths and weaknesses. How would these things change over the next 30 years to meet the needs of future Malaysian youths? What modifications could be made to these objects so that their good features become better? How could their present weaknesses be improved?

• The alarm clock

• Sports shoes

• The mobile phone

• The calculator

Try to choose one of the above and make a concept sketch ( a drawing without dimensions) of it with your suggested improvements added.