10 Hottest Jobs with Greatest Potential – part 2

10 Hottest Jobs with Great Potential, from 2010 – 2020. US Market (as well as Malaysia Market)

4.  Computer systems analysts

Computer systems analysts in charge of studying an organization’s computer system network efficiency. They analyse the strength and weakness of the current system and also the network’s security systems and make  recommendation for improvement. As more and more business properties are relying heavily on electronic information technologies, there is an upward trend for demand of specialist in this field.

Opportunity :  from 2010 – 2012,  26,937  jobs added, a growth of 5%
120,400 jobs outlook  by 2020, a growth of 22%
Yearly salary : approx RM 233,530
Qualification : A bachelor’s degree in Computer or information science field.


5.  Human Resources Specialists (Training and Labor Relations Specialists)

As economic outlook are in the upward trend, corporations are outsourcing recruitment of new employees to staffing and human resources firms. The need for Human Resources Specialists are increasing in these consultant companies as well as companies who have their own Human Resources Department. A human resources specialist screen, interview and recruit workers. They also may handle training and labor relations in a company.

Opportunity :  from 2010 – 2012,  22,773  jobs added, a growth of 5%
90,700 jobs outlook  by 2020, a growth of 21%
Yearly salary : approx RM 158,610
Qualification : A bachelor’s degree


6.  Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Corporations are investing in computer and network systems to manage company and client data. The security of this soft assets are of utmost important, especially those companies who take up cloud technologies, the server are no longer in a physical location where it can be reached easily, in case of any breach of security systems.
Network and computer systems administrators are responsible for the security and operation of a corporation’s computer networks. They manage, install and support the organization’s computer systems and keep up to date with the latest development in Network and Computer Systems management.

Opportunity :  from 2010 – 2012,  18,626  jobs added, a growth of 5%
96,600 jobs outlook  by 2020, a growth of 28%
Yearly salary : approx RM 207,970
Qualification : A bachelor’s degree  in Computer Science or related field


reference : http://www.bls.gov

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