10 Hottest Jobs with Greatest Potential – part 1

10 Hottest Jobs with Great Potential, from 2010 – 2020. US Market (as well as Malaysia Market)

Q : Why do I need to study hard now ?

A: For the prime purpose of securing a good job in future. To be able to take good care of my parents in their old age, as well as my future family, hence I need to earn a decent income.

Q :  What are those jobs that pays well and in high demand?

A: Here are the top 10 list of jobs with greatest potential, from year 2010 to 2020.


1.  Software developer (System software, application software)

Companies are competing to capture a greater market share. They need technologies which will create new revenue streams, innovations and leverage on mobile technologies and social media networks.

Opportunity :  from 2010 – 2012,  70,872  jobs added, a growth of 7%
270,900 jobs outlook  by 2020, a growth of 30%
Yearly salary : approx RM 271,630
Qualification : A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science


2.  Accountants and auditors

Every company needs an accountant, from analysing data, prepare and examine financial records to tracking and finding missing funds, trace  fraudulent activities, ensure taxes are paid properly and on time, they also set new standards in a company that meets stricter regulation requirements, especially after the European debt crisis.

Opportunity :  from 2010 – 2012,  37,123  jobs added, a growth of 3%
190,700 jobs outlook  by 2020, a growth of 16%
Yearly salary : approx RM 185,200
Qualification : A bachelor’s degree in Accounting or related field


3.  Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Companies and big corporation invest a substantial amount of  money in market research. They need to understand consumer requirements.  Market research analysts does this job of analysing market situation to determine the saleable potential of a product or service. They help companies understand what people wants, what product can sell and at what price.

Opportunity :  from 2010 – 2012,  31,335  jobs added, a growth of 10%
116,600 jobs outlook  by 2020, a growth of 41%
Yearly salary : approx RM 181,860
Qualification : A bachelor’s degree.  Strong mathematics and analytical skills required.


reference : http://www.bls.gov

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  1. Hello.. I’m a SPM leaver with results 4A- bm,bi,sejarah,maths. 4B- physics,biology,add maths,moral. 1C- chemistry. My first option to study after this is dentistry but does not meet the requirements in malaysia. I need a second option as backup if there is no chance for me in dentistry.. What will you suggest me considering my results?

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