Parents Can Check Their Childrens’ School Examination Results Online – Thanks to SAPS NKRA. (Semakan Keputusan Peperiksaan Pelajar oleh Ibu Bapa Secara Online.)
SAPS NKRA.   Good news to all parents,  now you can check your childrens’ school examination results online. The rare incident where school children modify marks on their report cards before surrender to their parents will not occur again.  The following results are accessible from this system.

Primary School : Standard 3, 4, 5, and 6. You can check results for test 1, test 2, mid year examiation, year end examination and UPSR trial examination results.

Secondary school : Remove classes (Kelas peralihan), Form 2, 3, 4 and 5.  You can check results for test 1, test 2, mid year examiation, year end examination and trial examination results depending on which form your children are in.

At this moment, SAPS CANNOT be use to check ACTUAL UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM results.

NOW you can check actual UPSR, SPM, STPM results online also, click here to check.

Steps :

1.  Click this link to go to SAPS NKRA.  No log in required.  You reach this screen :


2.  (a)  Enter your boy/girl’s Identity Card or birth certificate number.

(b)  Click the radio button to select ‘sekolah rendah’ or ‘sekolah menengah’ (primary or secondary school)

(c)  From — ‘Pilih Tahun’ — ,  Choose which year’s result you want to see.

Then click  ‘Semak Laporan’.

3.  Next, you can choose which result you want to see :



4.  Supposing we choose ‘peperiksaan percubaan SPM’ (SPM Trial Examination)

(a) click ‘papar slip keputusan’ enables you to see result slip of the Trial Examination. SEE EXAMPLE A

(b) Click ‘papar markah peperiksaan’ enables you to see marks for every test held during that year.  SEE EXAMPLE B




BAHASA MELAYU [MA] = Bahasa Melayu Menengah Atas  (upper secondary)

BAHASA MELAYU [MR] = Bahasa Melayu Menengah Rendah  (lower secondary)

SAPS System needs the [MA] and [MR] codes to differentiate between similar subject names for upper and lower secondary. For example, Additional Mathematics is only for upper secondary, neither [MA] or [MR] code is needed.

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