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Young people had bad impression of adult society's hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy by definition is 'simulation of virtuous or good conduct'. Meaning that, the term hypocrisy refers to the act or state of pretending to be better than one is or to have feelings or beliefs which one does not actually have.

Young people do not take kindly to older people. There is a wide gap between the outlook of the youth and that of adult's view point. Adult society frowns upon the youth for some of their actions which according to them are full of indiscretions. Young people are not without logic on their side.
The accusation also implies that older people are untrustworthy and that young people cannot trust them fully. Adults admonish youngsters for unethical behaviour while they themselves do not practise what they said.

What the grown-ups have to do is to set examples to show the sincerity of adult values. The problems that the young face today are new and the adults cannot pretend that these does not exist and that they know well how to guide and be mentors.

Hypocrisy implies pretence and lack of sincerity in one's professed feelings and beliefs. In the light of this definition, the youth's accusation of their elders means that the latter do not practise what they preach and that they are, in a sense, 'white-washed sepulchres'. The accusation also implies that the older people are untrustworthy and that the youth do not have full faith in them.

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