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Invasive advertisement

Being the most authoritative voices speaking to human society, the advertisements, is exhaustively dominating our lives. It shouts at us from the smartphone screen, television screen and digital billboards, catch our eyesight from most corner of the news pages, flash to us from the electronic boards near a lot of traffic lights, at junctions of busy roads and on the wall of commercial buildings. Advertising has been among the biggest growth industries since the creation of various types of medias. The business of advertising has never been more potent or pervasive.

The strategy and method of persuasion adopted by the advertisers has in recent years been a subject of controversy. The advertisers see their fellow human beings as an easily influenceable entity, and in many ways, by exploiting their fears, anxieties, prejudices and day-dreams. They insist, by the use of the words and pictures in unusual and striking combinations that the reader will stop, take notice and action. They are positioned in widely differing areas of appeals: humour, drama, social service, nostalgia, home entertainment and fashion. The visuals interpret, as opposed to merely describing, the advertisement's point of view and, by and large, are fresh and inventive in their own right. But sometimes, the interpretations are quite much different from the products and the services spoken for.