Keputusan Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3, PT3 Tahun 2019
Tarikh pengumuman keputusan : ~12 Disember 2019




The Unique Human Speech (II)

Speech is man's most ready emotional safety valve. Adults and adolescents express strong emotion through words. For the most part, however the type of release they are able to enjoy is woefully inadequate, because they have grown to the age of verbal release without growing verbally mature. They are unable to do more than stutter with emotion; or brood themselves into explosive anger. They are bound, by the sheer paucity of the words at their command; they can do nothing more than repeat the expletives, cliches, and slang phrases that already have become meaningless with use, so that they never have a chance, through words, to express the strong uniqueness of their human experience.

We may then, set this down as one basic fact about ourselves: our lives are in good order only if the communicative linkages between us and our world are relatively mature and becoming more so.

Target setting is essential. When you establish targets and lay them out with time frames and milestones you'll be more inspired to finish them. As you reach specific milestones you'll be prompted more than ever to achieve to the end of the job. This can be an extremely positive approach to focus on works that you previously had trouble finishing them.



*Results of PT3 Examination Year 2019 : Collect your result slip from your respective school starting from 10.00 am on December 2019.

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