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Extreme creature

Many native tribes have such an overweening fear of the spirits which attend death that they will not live in a hut or a Kraal in which death has occurred. A day's journey in Kenya or Tanganyika will always point up a handful of ramshackle, deserted huts with the cactus boma gone to seed and the cane rafters sagging under disheveled thatch. Death has struck here; the survivors have moved to avoid the hovering ghosts of the deceased.

So practical prudence asserted itself and when an aged and dying member of the family appeared to be on his last legs he was lifted from his couch of pain and taken out into the bush. He was left there alive, to be attended by Fisi - hyena. The hyena became a walking symbol of the cemetery in the native mind. Many a mortally ill native was eaten alive by hyenas well before natural death came to claim him. Not a small percentage had the animal rip a savage chop from his face and was cured, except for the terrible wound, of whatever illness beset him - cured by fright alone. The African who laughs at Fisi is laughing uneasily at the angel of death; he is giggling in the graveyard, because the ingrown knowledge is ever present that one day Fisi will have the last laugh on him.

The tremendous temerity of this cowardly creature is such that many a man has not needed to be critically ill to suffer a snap of the most powerful jaws in the animal Kingdom. Fisi, grown blood-bold, is the most arrogant of all African animals. Not only will he come into your camp, but he will come and sit by your fire, or stride into your tent. And if the mood strikes him, he will bite off half your face.