Skim Perkhidmatan :
Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pentadbiran dan Sokongan, N48, T1-T8


Jadual Gaji SSM (07.2016)

Salary Scale for Senior : Administrative Officer, Executive Officer, Publishing Officer, Social Research Officer, Hostel Manager




Jadual GAJI MATRIKS Sistem Saraan Malaysia (SSM) berdasarkan Jadual Gaji Minimum Maksimum (JGMM) Penambahbaikan Mulai 01.07.2016







Jadual Gred N48 P1,
Kenaikan Gaji Tahunan = RM270.00
Selepas Maksimum, campur kadar tetap 3% Gaji Maksimum

(Warna kuning)



KGT = 270.00





Kadar Tetap 3%


















Jadual Gaji Matriks Gred N48 P1













  + campur kadar tetap 3% selepas Maksimum **










Jadual Gred N48 P2,
Kenaikan Gaji Tahunan = RM270.00
Selepas Maksimum, campur kadar tetap 3% Gaji Maksimum
(warna kuning tidak ditunjukkan)


















Jadual Gaji Matriks Gred N48 P2

















 TPG, Tarikh Pergerakan Gaji, ikut masing-masing iaitu 1 Jan, 1 April, 1 Julai atau 1 Oktober
**3% maksimum dikemaskini seperti pada 01.01.2015. Data ini hanya releven kepada kakitangan yang mencapai gaji maksimum sahaja.




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Many mothers think they will have a closer relationship with a daughter than a son. In addition, they think daughters will more likely to take care of them when they are old, whereas sons, might likely not be able to take of them when they have married.

In Japan, a similar trend has emerged. This might come as a surprise to some, because only one generation ago, the Japanese favoured sons. In 1982, over half of Japanese couples surveyed wanted a boy if they could only have one child. A survey done in 1997, on the other hand, found that 75 percent wanted a girl!

Some Japanese couples say they want to have daughters because they think daughters are cuter and easier to raise. Japanese couples also worry about being taken care of when they are old. If they need to live with their children when they are very old, many Japanese parents want to live with their daughters. "A son's wife would be like a stranger and harder to ask for help," one Japanese mother said.

Critics warn that preference for a daughter is just as bad as preferences for a son. Instead of valuing children for the social roles they are expected to fill, critics say, parents must learn to value children as individuals. When that is the case, parents will be equally pleased with a son or a daughter.

Adapted from EFoMS SAL Module

Jadual Gaji SSM N48

Jadual Gaji SSM 2015 Kakitangan awam Gred A - W