Skim Perkhidmatan :
Kumpulan Pelaksana Perkhidmatan Kejuruteraan, JA26, T1-T9


Jadual Gaji SSM (07.2016)

Jadual Gaji Pelukis Pelan (Seni Bina, Kejururteraan Awam), Penolong Pegawai Seni Bina, Penolong Jurutera.




Jadual GAJI MATRIKS Sistem Saraan Malaysia (SSM) berdasarkan Jadual Gaji Minimum Maksimum (JGMM) Penambahbaikan Mulai 01.07.2016







Jadual Gred JA26 P1,
Kenaikan Gaji Tahunan = RM125.00
Selepas Maksimum, campur kadar tetap 3% Gaji Maksimum

(Warna kuning)



KGT = 125.00





Kadar Tetap 3%


















Jadual Gaji Matriks Gred JA26 P1









  + campur kadar tetap 3% selepas Maksimum **










Jadual Gred JA26 P2,
Kenaikan Gaji Tahunan = RM125.00
Selepas Maksimum, campur kadar tetap 3% Gaji Maksimum
(warna kuning tidak ditunjukkan)


















Jadual Gaji Matriks Gred JA26 P2














 TPG, Tarikh Pergerakan Gaji, ikut masing-masing iaitu 1 Jan, 1 April, 1 Julai atau 1 Oktober
**3% maksimum dikemaskini seperti pada 01.01.2015. Data ini hanya releven kepada kakitangan yang mencapai gaji maksimum sahaja.




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Bather Protection From Shark Attack

Sharks are enjoying more than a lion's share of publicity, with bathers all over the world fearing more than anything else, death in the jaws of these shadowy sea monsters.

Admittedly, some have hysterically over-reacted to the shark terror - a threat that has been with us probably ever since the sea has been there. On an average, only 40 to 50 shark encounters are recorded each year, of which only a small percentage has been fatal.

But it takes only one shark attack to cause a serious recession for hoteliers and traders at tourist dependent coastal resorts for a long time afterwards, as was so clearly illustrated in the film "Jaws". Shark attacks at popular resorts caused thousands of holiday makers to cancel hotel reservations and to terminate their holidays prematurely, making ghost towns out of what a few days before, had been gay and bustling holiday centres. The financial repercussions arising from these mass migrations away from coastal resorts were enormous and caused the ruin of many businesses which relied upon the holiday trade for their livelihood.

Many holiday centres now have formed Anti-Shark Measures Boards. The Board does not only provide anti-shark measures for bathers and surfers but it protects the holiday and tourist industry as well. The main form of bather protection is the maintenance of gill nets: The nets are 106 metres long and nearly 6.4 metres deep and are made of polyethylene braided trawl twine in 500 mm stretched diamond mesh. The nets are laid on the sea bed and secured on either end by a 35 kg naval type anchor.

The sharks, attempting to get through the nets get trapped in the diamond mesh, and die as they are obliged to keep swimming in order to ventilate their gills.

Jadual Gaji SSM JA26

Jadual Gaji SSM 2015 Kakitangan awam Gred A - W