Skim Perkhidmatan :
Pegawai Perkhidmatan Sains, C48, T1-T8


Jadual Gaji SSM (07.2016)

Salary Scale for Senior Meteorology Officer, Senior Geoscience Officer, Senior Science Officer, Senior Food Preparation Officer, Senior Environmental Control Officer, Senior Food Technology Officer




Jadual GAJI MATRIKS Sistem Saraan Malaysia (SSM) berdasarkan Jadual Gaji Minimum Maksimum (JGMM) Penambahbaikan Mulai 01.07.2016







Jadual Gred C48 P1,
Kenaikan Gaji Tahunan = RM270.00
Selepas Maksimum, campur kadar tetap 3% Gaji Maksimum

(Warna kuning)



KGT = 270.00





Kadar Tetap 3%


















Jadual Gaji Matriks Gred C48 P1









  + campur kadar tetap 3% selepas Maksimum **










Jadual Gred C48 P2,
Kenaikan Gaji Tahunan = RM270.00
Selepas Maksimum, campur kadar tetap 3% Gaji Maksimum
(warna kuning tidak ditunjukkan)


















Jadual Gaji Matriks Gred C48 P2














 TPG, Tarikh Pergerakan Gaji, ikut masing-masing iaitu 1 Jan, 1 April, 1 Julai atau 1 Oktober
**3% maksimum dikemaskini seperti pada 01.01.2015. Data ini hanya bersabit dengan pegawai yang mencapai gaji maksimum sahaja.




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Jadual Gaji SSM C48

Jadual Gaji SSM 2015 Kakitangan awam Gred A - W