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Trial Examination SPM 2014 Pulau Pinang (State Coordinated)

Trial  SPM 2014 Kedah (State Coordinated)

Trial  SPM 2014 Negeri Sembilan (State Coordinated)

Trial SPM 2014 SBP (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh)

Trial SPM 2014 MRSM (Mara Junior Science College)

PAT (Year End Examination) Form 4 MRSM 2012 


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The influence of school leadership and management on teachers’ attitudes to their jobs.
Research findings revealed that, the greatest influences on teacher morale, job satisfaction and motivation are school leadership and management. There is no doubt about it, headmasters and principals have the capacity to make their staff dread going to work every Monday morning. They are capable of making teachers’ working lives so unpleasant, or unfulfilling, or problematic, or frustrating, that they become the overriding reason why some members of staff move jobs. They may bring out the worst in people antagonizing, engendering resentment, upsetting, demotivating so that they never succeed in getting the very best out of the people whom they lead and manage. Or, they may fire up their staff with enthusiasm for their work, allow teachers to fulfil their potential, foster collegiality and cooperation, and make people reluctant to change jobs.

38 Internet Acronyms Every Parent Should Know

It is important for parents to safeguard their children against cyber garbage, unwanted and unhealthy things. Parents should also make sure their children are safe in social media networks, are safe while using their smartphones by understanding their communication language. Below are 38 Internet acronyms that parents need to know, to avoid any unwholesome outcomes which otherwise you will need to pay a hefty price.

1. IWSN - I want sex now

2. GNOC - Get naked on camera

3. NIFOC - Naked in front of computer

4. PIR - Parent in room

CU46 - See you for sex

6. 53X - Sex

7. - Parent watching

8. 99 - Parent gone

9. 1174′ - Party meeting place

10. THOT - That hoe over there

11. CID - Acid (the drug)

12. Broken - Hungover from alcohol

13. 420 - Marijuana

14. POS - Parent over shoulder

15. SUGARPIC - Suggestive or erotic photo

16. KOTL - Kiss on the lips

17. LMIRL - Let’s meet in real life

18. PRON - Porn

19. TDTM - Talk dirty to me

20. 8 - Oral sex

21. CD9 - Parents around/Code 9

22. IPN - I’m posting naked

23. LH6 - Let’s have sex

24. WTTP - Want to trade pictures?

25. DOC - Drug of choice

26. TWD - Texting while driving

27. GYPO - Get your pants off

28. ASL – Age/Sex/Location

29. HAK – Hug and Kisses

30. SorG – Straight or Gay

31. 182 – I hate you

32. RU/18 – Are You Over 18?

33. RUH – Are You Horny?

34. PAWParents Are Watching

35. AEAP – As Early As Possible

36. ALAP – As Late As Possible

37. 459 – I love you

38. KPC- Keeping parents clueless