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Three is a delightful age. A child has greater self control, is friendly and cooperative and learning to manage social relationships.  Let’s follow him through a typical day.

what kids need at 3
Frequently whines upon
awakening. May drowse
off after getting mother’s
help in toileting.
Cheers up when fully
awake. Likes to frisk
around parents’
room and get
dressed with them.
Can put on pants, socks,
shoes, sweater. Able to
undress easily, undo
buttons but most can’t
button them.


Appetite usually good for
breakfast. Feeds himself
skillfully, not much
parental help is needed.
Will cooperate in
clearing the table,
tidying his own room,
if asked.
Sometimes creates
imaginary playmates,
pets, or pretends
that he is an animal.


what kids need at 3
Alternates between
pestering brothers and
sisters, and getting
along with them.
Learning to ride tricycle.
Likes to go marketing
with mother.
Requests favorite foods
(such as fruit, meat,
milk) when meal is
being prepared.


what kids need at 3
Gaining good control of
elimination. Frequently
has bowel movement
after lunch.
Willing to rest at naptirne,
but frequently does
not go to sleep.
Beginning to be able to
play with other children,
as well as beside
them. Has definite
choice in friends.


what kids need at 3
Needs guidance when play
gets quarrelsome.
expressed in words
as well as actions.
Notices sex differences
and sometimes worries
about them. Questions
should be answered simply.
May handle genitals.
Can be quite matter of
factly distracted
from sex play.



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